Summary: Performance management is an essential process to review the hard work and efforts of your employees. So how can you make it more effective and transparent?

Every business aims to make sales, generate revenues and bring in profits. Revenues and sales are made by employees that work in the company. Employees bring customers, and clients stay loyal because of your human capital.

Since so much is dependent on your employees, companies need to ask themselves how they can make their employees satisfied, valued, and happy in their workplace. Evaluating the performance of your employees is the first and most important system that you have to develop in your organization. Every lead or supervisor must be well-trained in how to evaluate the team. You can also consult with a business coach to establish effective performance management.

Many performance management models with different working models have been tested and implemented across organizations worldwide. But truly effective performance management consists of the following essential features:

  1.     Creates a clear picture.
  2.     It is a continuous process of communication.
  3.     It consists of evaluation with feedback.
  4.     It aims to motivate employees who are not performing much.

However, after COVID the work culture has undergone a huge transformation. And one of the most prominent changes is the global imposition of remote work. So how can you ensure to have performance management which is best suited to your organizational goals?

Here are 5 key components of a performance management system designed to ensure productivity in a remote workplace:

1. Revaluate Goals & KPIs

Due to the changed workplace scenario that the current global economy faces, role workloads have differed considerably, with not all equal roles having equal workloads. Thus, KPI and role should be realigned to save costs while extending support to cross-functional processes.

2. Implement Objective & Key Results Methodology

To set, communicate and track organizational goals, management can implement one of the most popular methodologies- “objective and key results”. As this is an overall approach toward goals and employee performance at various organizational levels, it can help incorporate accountability and quantitative proximity of realizable goals.

3. Set SMART Goals

With the remote work paradigm, goal-setting has become even more critical in the current economic climate. Poorly defined goals can become a cause of bad performance and future worries in a climate already marred by global crises and constant disruption.

Hence, the goals defined by the organization must be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

4. Keep in Touch With Employees

Today when companies lay off their employees in huge numbers evoke fear within employees when it comes to their performance. Hence, management needs to understand the significance of maintaining regular contact with employees and keeping them updated on all relevant levels. Encourage them to share about their work, lives, goals, etc.

5. Place your Trust in Employees

It is important to trust your employees and subordinates and give them the privilege of clear communication, especially regarding personal matters. Whether working on-site or remotely, many aspects of human lives are unclear. Hence, having faith while everyone is struggling is a key success factor on all levels. As the remote working culture is prevalent, there may be a few employees who are unable to meet the deadlines. Assuming such employees are not being productive is a serious error of judgment.

Performance management and open feedback systems have become a core part of both our corporate and personal lives. In the end, open and transparent communication is the key to a robust and impactful performance management system, no matter what your physical location is.

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