Just like every young player needs a coach to hone or sharpen his or her skills, similarly, every entrepreneur needs a business coach. Why? The fastest way to learn about the nuances of business is to study someone successful at it.

The best business coach has already paid the price of gaining experience from his journey. And you should absorb all the information that you can out of him or her.

There are so many young and aspiring entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to be successful but are just not ready to invest in themselves. Many think that they can teach themselves and can learn on their own. However, if you ask the successful billionaires, they would advise you to make a few mistakes, if you can by taking help from the best business coach in India.

Though our whole lives are about learning, finding the right teacher or mentor at this stage can help you save time and money.

However, it is needless to say that not all business mentors can be good. Some coaches would be better than others. And with so many people claiming to be the best and offering their services online, it is essential to take your time to know a potential coach.

Before you leap to hire the best business coach in India here is a list of qualities you should be looking for:


The paramount thing that a mentor can share with you is his experience. Hence, the first thing that you should look for before hiring a mentor is her work experience.

What exactly have they accomplished? How does their professional journey look like? Does he have what you want to accomplish in your professional life? Your business mentor must have walked the walk.

It is very important to find someone who has truly gained wisdom from failures and can speak to their real-life experiences. With their insight, they can guide you to navigate the business crisis and help you avoid making costly mistakes. This can increase your chances of success immensely. Ask for their testimonials and clients' feedback. Do not forget to search for complaints as well.


Having a great attitude and a positive approach comes with time and experience. A person who has never sailed in the troubled waters of the sea can share his in-depth knowledge and wisdom on how to become a great sailor.

The right business coach will have been through it all, and emerge on the other side knowing that a light perspective goes a long way in business. They can look at the bigger picture. An ideal business mentor has patience, but also determination and persistence.


Good or bad- a great coach is ready to share all his experiences with you. If you feel that this person is holding something back, then it is not a good sign. You can only learn the most from someone willing to be radically transparent.


Has your potential business coach written a book? Does the conduct frequent webinars, seminars? Does he often give lectures? Do reporters interview him or her? If yes, you must take a great look at his portfolio to decide whether this individual has the potential to give what you are looking for?


A good coach must be accessible and must be willing to customize his program for you because they know that different businesses have different requirements. You can ask them how much time they will offer you. What are their schedule and availability like? How many other projects they are handling? Discuss these details upfront.

A business coach can help you build longstanding relationships with people who could benefit you. Hence, hiring the best one is highly essential. Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally acclaimed business motivational coach and mentor. If you are looking to find the best mentor, he is the one!