The greatest change-makers and world leaders have all been great presenters on stage. To be a great stage presenter, read the strategies below:

Being a great stage presenter or an inspiring speaker is an art. The few that have achieved this success are PM Shri Narendra Modi, Former USA president Barack Obama, Renowned Business coach Dr. Vivek Bindra, Famous American Motivation speaker, and Coach Tony Robbins.In the times of social media it has now become mandatory for every leader to be fascinating on stage. Your public appearance creates a perception that establishes your personal brand and recall for your business too. Here are few steps which can help you to be a great stage presenter.1. Be keen about your topic
The first step towards your journey to be a great stage presenter is to be keen, updated and strongly knowledgeable about your topic. 
  • Also more critical is to be passionate about what you are communicating; if you say with passion listeners will also feel connected to it.
  • For Example- Look at the way how respected PM Shri. Narendra Modi addresses people. You can feel the passion in his speech, people feel connected and that’s why his communication engages everyone.
2. Practice and then dive into the audience
Practice makes a man perfect is well-known phrase it’s old but still carries gold. 
  • Just practice, even before you engage with your audience, imagine that the audience is in front of you and start practicing at home, office, within among small group of friends even ask them to help or make your prepare by cross-questioning.
  • For Example- Renowned Motivational Speaker and Business Coach Dr. Vivek Bindra have said it many times in his videos that don’t get tired until you reach the desired objective and never stop practicing till you reach your goal. 
3. Take a voice lesson
Your voice holds great importance for the success of your presentation. Sound is as important as how it looks. Strong voice modulation leads to a strong engagement. Voice catches the audience a lot more.
  • As you practice, record your voice on your mobile phone and listen to yourself. Thoroughly listen to how you react and how you speak. Keep improving the way your voice modulates.
  • There are many aspects to need to learn like when to change your voice, its timbre, depth, when to take a breath while speaking, phrasing, sounding, deeper tones reflect more confidence and gathers great attention, humour factor to some extent can be conveyed on many occasions.
  • For example-Tony Robbins the famous American public speaker, life coach, and philanthropist and much known for his infomercials, seminars used to say that one needs to add more value than anyone expects from you, active voice lessons would certainly help you out to add much needed value.

4. Be a great storyteller

To create a buzz among the audience any leader aspiring to be a good stage presenter must be a good storyteller too. It’s better to start your speech while gathering the audience by telling a story which acts a tool to create a buzz around the topic you want to cover.
  • People might forget many things about your speech but the chances of remembering your story are much higher.
  • For Example- We all know how the former president of the USA Barack Obama commanded the stage. Most of his speeches had stories attached to it, he talked about his parents, about his hope to lead America and many more stories were the part of his speeches during his tenure.
5. Be Yourself
At the end, you need to be real and know yourself. Don’t try to copy someone else, this may bring more flaws to your speech and it will act as a hurdle in your path to be a pronounced stage presenter. Be humble, real and honest to your audience, this will help you immensely and you will get the desired results in return accordingly.To be an accomplished stage presenter is an uphill task, but not impossible to achieve. The above mentioned few tips will surely help you out on your route to be one of the better stage presenters.