Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Thanks to affordable smartphones and cheaper data plans, social media has become easily accessible to all. But did you know that what you post online and how you use a particular platform like Instagram, Facebook can say a lot about you?

There have been many scientific studies that have revealed a strong connection between a person`s mental health and social media. While social media platforms have proved to be an excellent way to make the world more connected, they have created new challenges as well.

For instance, according to recent research people who are more frequently browse Instagram are more likely to show signs of depression than others.

From job to leisure, emotions to religion to diet, social media has captured almost every aspect of our lives. Facebook and Instagram feed reveal a lot more about you that you can anticipate.

Here are 5 things that your social media feeds reveal about you, according to research:

1. People With Depression Post More Frequently on Instagram

The frequency at which you post on Instagram can be an indicator of your mental health. Harvard and Vermont universities came together to research by using a computer program in which they analyzed more than 43,000 Instagram posts from 166 users to analyze how people with depression use these apps.

Turns out users who are struggling with mental health issues posted more frequently than those who were physically and mentally healthy. They also used fewer filters and had more faces in their feed.

2. Users who spend too much time on Social Media are Less Happier

If you have been living under the rock, let us tell you that spending too much time on social media can be toxic. But once you limit the time you spend on social media, the experience can be fulfilling. An app called Moment collected data from the social media platforms of people`s usage and discovered that there is a happiness breaking point for each platform.

If you spend more than 23 minutes on Facebook, it can result in an unhappy experience, and for Instagram, the threshold is 31 minutes.

3. Social Media Platforms can Skew Your Memories

Almost everyone who is on social media puts images, reels, or stories about their happy life. You want to see yourself in a positive light. It does not mean that everyone is living their fantasy life. Instead, it simply means that they are publishing happy photos and happy memories through a filter.

And while many people might think that social media is a great place to collect their happy memories so you can go and recall them later, it will not be the case. According to one study most people post about their false-positive memories on social media. But when they look back at their photos, what they are recalling is something that is false and inaccurate portrayals of memories. This can skew their significant events.

4. Spending too much time on Social Media can Make your feel Isolated

While many people think that social media keep us more connected, the matter of fact is that it has made a large number of people socially isolated. Today, many people sit for lunch or dinner with their family, only to have their eyes glued to their phone screens and minds contemplating over social feeds.

According to a recent study, people who spend more than two hours a day on social media have twice the odds of getting isolated socially as compared to those who spend less time.

5. People who post excessively about their partners are likely to have low self-esteem

Many few people know that they are revealing their personality traits through their posts on Facebook and Instagram. According to research conducted by Research Daily in which they collected data from 555 Facebook users, people with low self-esteem tend to post about their current romantic partners more frequently.

Social media is useful in plenty of ways if only used constructively. Before you send your next post, take a moment to analyze your intentions behind it. We hope, this article will help you to understand and realize how one should make the most use of social media platforms.

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