To live a rich life, one does not necessarily need to be affluent; even a tiny portion of a wonderful life is worthwhile. However, the things that will allow you to live lavishly and make more money are habits, behaviors, and ultimately "rules". It requires time to be completed. This requires time but before that, there needs to be a quick way to do it.

Often in life, you fail, but if you keep trying, and keep getting better, eventually you will succeed. However, if you believe that you will never be successful, you will never become capable of doing so. Here are 8 golden rules that will help you in living a successful life if you embrace them in your daily life:

1. Invest in your future

Investing in oneself is the most beneficial investment you can make. Always strive for listening and learning. Engage in the activities you enjoy. Making time for oneself is essential. We, humans, are more productive when we are internally happy. Whether it's spending time with your loved ones or your dog, pampering yourself at the spa, reading a book, playing sports, napping, or simply enjoying music; it’s all part of your “me time”.

2. Never Compare Yourself to Anyone

Never compare your targets, growth, and outcomes to those of others. Instead, distinguish yourself from your former self. Ask yourself if you're doing better today than you were the previous day. Even if you are only 1% better than what you were yesterday, you are progressing significantly.

3. Embrace Positivity

You'll be happier and have access to a lot more opportunities if you adopt a positive outlook. By seizing the possibilities that come your way, you can enable yourself to be on the path that leads toward success. You can know the ways of building positive energy by watching below video by the best motivational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra.

4. Recognize Your Worth

Do not accept something less than what you are worth. When you understand your worth, don't be hesitant to ask for what you can claim. Never do anything for free if you are extremely good at it. Once you understand your worth and even what you are bringing to the table, don't be intimidated to ask for anything, and always try to go above and beyond what you deserve.

5. Stop Living in the Past

Nothing but your prior experiences makes you smarter and stronger. Move ahead of past mistakes, make corrections, take things as they are, and learn from them. Only if you get beyond your past mistakes, they will guide you to make sound choices; else, you'll just keep making the same ones.

6. Build a Solid and Supportive Network

A person is supposedly recognized by the association they maintain. Have a solid, upbeat group of friends who discuss personal development, objectives, and thoughts and not other individuals. Be surrounded by good friends, colleagues, advisors, and colleagues who can assist you in achieving your objectives.

7. Enjoy the little things

 Never stop appreciating the little things in life, despite how much farther you have moved ahead in life. Always be appreciative, modest, and grateful for everything you have. Your current circumstance might not last forever.

8. Track Your Personal Growth

Don't stop improving yourself; reinvest in yourself. Continue to learn and develop yourself by observing. Learn something new from each person you meet and each new challenge you have. By establishing personal objectives, seeking out new possibilities, and picking up new abilities, concentrate on growing yourself.

Rather than chasing bad things, you should allow good things to grab you to live a rich and happy life. These 8-pointers will work well for the cause surely.