Speaking out in front of people is one of the biggest phobias in this world. Though it may not cause much of a problem in a few areas of everyday business, it could be harmful in the business world. You might have the best startup business idea, but you hesitate to say it in front of your colleagues and peers because of the fear to speak in front of people.

Speaking during the official meetings or conversations helps you to keep engaged with your peers, but also resolves problems and helps to boost your career.  Most often people who have fear of public speaking think that their audience might laugh because they are not being insightful. However, truth be told, no one expects anyone to be 100% witty or insightful all the time.

It is just a matter of starting to present your ideas with a few simple statements or questions. Once, the flow is set, the conversation takes its natural course. Many entrepreneurs miss out on some great opportunities because either they are not comfortable with speaking or they do not speak fluent English.

To get quick tips on learning and speaking English, you can watch this amazing video by Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best motivational speaker in India, here:

Here are 8 ways in which you can gain confidence to speak up:

1. Prep Up Before Finale

If you have a fantastic idea that you are afraid to put out in the open, do a dry run. Share your idea with a person whom you trust and take their feedback. Later, commit yourself to sharing it during a meeting to introduce your idea. You can later ask your colleagues to gain an outside perspective on what they thought of your contribution. Credible feedback from a trusted source can boost your confidence. You can also take the help of a business motivational speaker to help you find your voice.

2. Write Down What You Want to Say

One of the best things to learn when it comes to overcoming your fear of public speaking is to find out an occasion where you felt comfortable speaking.  When you feel comfortable it reduces anxiety and minimizes stumbles and stutters. Hence, write down what you are going to say as it will make you aware of the content. It gives you a clearer picture of what you are going to talk about and makes you sound clearer and more concise. It is okay to read your thoughts and feelings as it lets others know that this is something.

3. Develop Skills in Low-risk Environments

Identify opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Look for environments and ambiances that are lower in risks and where there are people who are strong support systems for you. Let a colleague or a trusted mentor know what your areas for improvement are and that you want to build confidence in this area. You can ask them to observe and share feedback to help you grow. Like any skill, practice will help you improve and overcome your public speaking phobia.

4. Take Action, Than Seek Perfection

One mistake that most people do is that they often think that they have to feel confident to act with confidence. However, it is just a myth. Confidence comes from taking action. So stop waiting until you are ready or your idea is ready. Create your confidence by taking action and speaking up.

5. Focus on Facts, Not Emotions

To become an effective public speaker, you need to have clear communication. Having clear communication will allow others to align with your opinions, solutions, and suggestions. You will become more confident where you share the stats and facts, and not be emotional around what you are sharing.

6. Pay Attention to your Body Language

Your body language is equally important when you are speaking in front of the public. Working with a trainer or a business motivational speaker can help you make more aware of how you carry yourself and speak in different situations.

7. Become a Better Listener

Effective listeners are just as important as the talkers who fill the meeting rooms with their voices. Listen, watch and observe the patterns of their behavior and speaking style. You will then find your sweet spot.

8. Let go of the Outcomes

One of the things that stop people from sharing their opinions and ideas is the fear of rejection. So let go of the outcome and share for the sake of sharing your knowledge. Be less attached to the outcome and expect less. Speak up, express your position—irrespective of the response, it is worth doing.

Let go of the fears of speaking in public with the 8 tips that we have shared above. You can watch some of the best inspiring videos by Dr. Vivek Bindra on how to become a confident public speaker on his YouTube channel too.

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