Are you anxious about your career choices? Are you worried about how to take your professional career ahead? Worry not! Here are nine pieces of career advice from none other than Ankur Warikoo- a popular face who has his own YouTube channel. He is also the former CEO of Groupon and Nearbuy.

Here is a list of career advice from Ankur Warikoo who will help you navigate all the confusion that we all experience at some point in our lives:

1. You Get Paid for What You CAN Do!

When starting a career, we all have high expectations about the role and reimbursements. But at the initial stage, you only get paid for what you can do. You explore different industries and roles and based on your performance, you make your career. You have to showcase your abilities and then you get paid for those. Later, after you become experienced, you get paid for what you do.

2. You End Up Managing People

No matter in which industry or field you are, every promotion brings you a step closer to managing people.

3. Not Everyone Can Become Managers

Every individual is unique because of their exclusive skills and talents. But this does not mean that they could be good managers too. Managing your job and responsibilities is one thing and managing people who are coming from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences is completely another ball game.

4. Grow Professionally By Helping Your Peers & Your Boss!

Most people on their first job can be seen working tirelessly even outside their job roles. This simple step not just helps them grow professionally, but also helps them to build networking. The more you make your boss’s job easier by taking on more and more responsibilities, the more you will grow- professionally because you get to learn new things and develop new skills.

5. Grow While Learning

When you start working, always ensure that you are enhancing your skills. A job that gives you experience should add to your knowledge bank as well. If you switch jobs and opt for the same job role, ensure that you are learning something new. If you have three years of experience, make sure that you hone your skills and make it 3 YEARS of experience. Not 1 year of experience done three times.

6. Gain In-depth Knowledge of Your Work

In the early days, it is very important to gain deep knowledge 0of your work, field, and industry. This will give you an edge over everyone else. Deep insights and knowledge will help you in the future. Once you have gained experience, you can go wide. You can explore the horizon of industries and can experiment with distinct roles and positions.

7. Action is Greater than Thoughts

Have a business idea? Then make a business plan along with goals and how will you achieve them. Create a timeline to achieve your goals. An idea remains a dream unless action is taken. No one ever gets rewarded for just having an idea. So work on your idea and never shy away from working hard towards your dreams. You can also take help from a business coach who will mentor you and guide you in the right direction.

8. Respect Your Commitment

Once you have committed, you must fulfill it by beating the odds. When you do what you have promised, you not only become more trustworthy, but it also increases your credibility. The reward for standing by your word and commitment is immense.

9. Be Consistent

“Slow and steady always wins the race.” You must have heard this adverb a lot of times courtesy of the story of a rabbit and a tortoise. The message here is that it does not matter how fast you are running. If you hustle, you grow fast in the short term. However, it is essential to be consistent in your efforts. If you pace yourself, you grow big in the long term.

Everyone has dreams when they start their career, with lots of expectations and high hopes. This career advice by Ankur Warikoo will help you to navigate in the right direction.

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