• What is the power of Belief System?
  • What Belief System do you possess - Negative or Positive?
Your ’Belief System’ is the core strength that you believe in. Your belief system can make you or break you. It can give you a hopeless end or endless hope or it can make you cry or try.
Belief System can make you strongly mental or mentally strong
What is Real Motivation?
The motivation which depends on an external source is always temporary in nature, but the motivation which comes from an internal source is permanent. 
’Belief system is the real source of motivation which comes from internal source’.
Belief System can be of two types:
Negative Belief System
Positive Belief System
Believe system can make you do the worst or greatest of the things depending upon what kind of the belief system you possess.
You can understand the power of a belief system is so much that:
  • In Thailand, women pierce their whole body with bamboo sticks, because they think that God Buddha gets pleased, and they get purified, while it is torture for others. 
  • In Eastern parts of India, women walk barefoot on burning coal, because they believe that Goddess Durga gets pleased and they get purified. But it is torture for others.
  • In some places on the earth, people kill innocent women and children, thinking that their God is getting pleased, and they will get heaven because it is their belief system.
Wherever you are today is based on Belief System that you have developed
The belief system is that one strength which can help you conceive, believe and achieve. Whatever you conceive, and you firmly believe, and there is a great possibility that you will be able to achieve.
Convert Your Anger into Resolution
Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of 1st class coach of the train by white people because of his skin color in South Africa during the British era. 
Gandhi protested saying that ’I am a barrister and I have a first-class ticket’. But white people didn’t allow him in 1st class owing to his skin color and threw him out of the train. 
Agonized from this act, Gandhi said, ’You threw me out of the train, I will throw you out of my country.’
It was the power belief system that he convert his Anger into Resolution, which led a mass movement for the independence of India.
It’s okay to have Anger, but it’s bad to get angry.
People who created history in the world are the people who were able to convert their anger into resolution. One revolution can bring a major revolutionary resolution.

Be the Only One

If you try to be the best you will become number one, but if you try to remain unique you will become only one. 
  • Be that unique ’Blue Ocean’, where you are the only one by creating your competitive strength. 
  • Your competitive advantage will finish all competitors in ’Red Ocean’ and you will become a competition yourself.
Speed of Implementation
People who implement their learning at lightning speed are those who grow fast, while others remain stuck in their patterns.
One top quality in every successful CEO is Speed of Implementation.
These people have a mental thermostat which helps then convert their every learning into the actionable plan at lightning speed. 
Your success depends on your speed of converting your learning into an actionable plan. You can make your business successful by increasing the speed of your implementation. 
Speed of Implementation will follow the below steps:
  • Hearing
  • Understanding 
  • Mediating
  • Digesting 
  • Applying
Implementation of Knowledge is Real Power.
Knowledge is not the real power, it is only potential power. It is the implementation of information that gets you real transformation
The kind of patterns you develop through your learning and their actual implementation in business will actually determine your future.

Power of ’NOW’

One most powerful word that can change your life is ’ ’Now’. 
You cannot improve the future in the future; you have to improve the future right now or never. The notion that good days are coming is actually bogus.
Good days will never come in the future, they will come right now, right here.
The people who have been successful in the world understood the power of a belief system, so do can you script the new history of success.