• Do you want to achieve all your life goals?
  • Do you change your goals frequently if not achieved?
You definitely have some dreams and aspirations in life and have also put in relentless efforts to achieve these aspirations.But still, you don’t know how to achieve goals in life.Now What?You abandon and change your Goals. Isn't it?But, you do not have to change your goals frequently. Rather you have to direct your efforts in a proper direction and achieve your goals.In this article, we will discuss 5 important steps to achieve goals:1. Hold on to a Conscious Goal
When you are unable to achieve your goal after relentless efforts, you change it, and let your dreams die consciously.99% of people either don’t set their goal or change it after one failure.Rather than changing your goal repeatedly, change your strategy and hold on to your conscious goal.
Don't Change Your Goal, Change the Strategy...
2. Set Unusual Reminder Mechanism
Setting an unusual reminder is one of the most significant steps to achieve goals. After choosing your goal consciously, you should create unusual reminders amid your day-to-day activities, to achieve your goal. You need to put some awkward signs and indicators around you, which don’t let you forget your goal.
99 percent of people do not hold on to their goals. Either they do not make any goals or change their goals frequently.
But the question arises, 'How to set unusual reminders'? Here are 5 ideas through which you can set unusual reminders.

A. Wear your wristwatch on a different hand
If you wear a wristwatch on your right hand, then start wearing it on the left hand. It will perplex you whenever you try to see time on your right hand. This will remind you of your goal repeatedly.B. Disturbing Sign Post
Put disturbing signposts on your way so that every time you go there, you get disturbed by these posts and recall your goal.C. Cover Your Bathroom Mirror by 89%
When you will cover your bathroom mirror by 80% with cloth or paper, you will face difficulty in seeing a mirror while shaving and combing hair. This will make you feel uncomfortable.Now in order to see in the mirror properly, you will move here and there or bend down, which will remind you about your goal.D. Unusual Wallpaper on your Computer and WhatsApp
In order to achieve your goal, you need to put very unusual or strange background wallpaper on your computer desktop that makes you feel awkward while working on it and reminds your goal. You can put a similar kind of wallpaper on your WhatsApp.The more you get reminded of your goal, the more you move towards it.

If you practice your goal for 66 days and convert it into an actionable behavior, it will become your habit. This process is called Hedonic Adaptation.
Psychologists say that ’when you perform the same thing repeatedly, it loses its enthusiasm and happiness.’
For Example
When you get a hike in salary, you feel happy for the first 2 months, afterward, it becomes usual for you.
Similarly, when you purchase a new car you feel awesome for the first few months, and then it becomes normal.

3. What Will I Do and When Will I Do?

To understand the better ways of how to achieve your goals in life, first of all, you just need to identify at least 5 Critical Success Factors that can lead you towards your goal.Second, you need to define timelines and practice these Actionables daily.4. Constant Review Mechanism with the Scoreboard
It is the mechanism to review your progress in achieving your goal on the basis of Effort Score and Result Score.
  • It keeps you on track, and don’t let you deviate from your goal.
  • It will tell what you have to achieve, what are your gaps and how to fill them.
  • Prepare a review mechanism on the basis of the critical success factors and their results.
Effort Score is how much hard work you have put in, while the Result Score is the output of your hard work.
For Example:
How much you run on the treadmill is your Effort Score, and how much weight you lose is the Result Score.
You have to control your Efforts Score to control Result Score.5. Your Accountability Structure
Among all, it is the most important step to keep yourself moving on the path of success.You have to make yourself accountable and answerable to someone in order to be focused on the goal. It can be your friend, mentor, guide, counselor, teacher, coach, or partner.
  • You must have a mentor in your life that you can trust.
  • You can share your review structure with him every week. 
  • Every week you have to report your accountability structure along with effort and result score with him.
  • He should be trustworthy enough to share your achievements and failures.
  • You must listen to him and follow his advice.
If you follow these steps, it will your quench your thrust to knowing how to achieve your goals in life and realize your dreams.