• Are you not able to complete your New Year Resolutions?
  • Does your resolution break easily?
  • Are you looking for ways on how to achieve New Year resolutions?

New Year is an amazing opportunity for people to make personal resolutions for self-improvement. You must have made different types of New Year Resolutions till now.

Example: I will save more money this year (or spend less); I will start reading one book every month, or I will quit smoking.

How many New Year Resolutions you have completed? Your answer may be a few or none.

More than 95% of people broke their New Year Resolutions latest by 15th January.

Have you ever realized why we fail to achieve these goals despite so much conviction and clarity about it?

The reason is quite simple!

We make Multiple Resolutions in our mind because we want to improve everything in our life in the coming year starting from our health, finances to our relationships.

The reality is slightly different. Many Resolutions can never bring many revolutions but One Focused Resolution can certainly bring Revolution.

Following are the powerful tips to make your New Year resolution successful:

Tip #1: One Focused Resolution will Bring Revolution

It is one of the tips on how to achieve New Year resolutions.

❌ Do not make multiple resolutions.

❌ Do not change your resolutions again and again.

✅ Make one focus, steel strong, powerful, unshakable and unbreakable resolution.

✅ Make a resolution that brings a major shift and success in your life.

Now, how will you make it Steel Strong?

Simple! You can do this by consciously holding on to your resolution. You need to give yourself auto-suggestions and create a Recall Support Mechanism around it because, “anything that gets out of sight, gets out of mind.”

Ensure that your goal never goes out of your sight. Place your goal on your television, laptop, mobile phone, the dashboard of your car, the main door of your house, at your workstation, study room, etc.

Once you’ve made a Steel Strong Resolution, make sure that you practice it consistently because only Consistency can bring Progression. This is our second tip to how to achieve New Year resolution.

Tip #2: Consistency can Give you Progression

Consistency is the key in making and achieving New Year resolution.

✅ Follow your resolutions consistently.

❌ Do not change your resolution, if you are facing challenges in achieving it.

✅ Change your strategy, if you are facing challenges in achieving your resolution.

Remember, there is no way to get overnight success. You have to work consistently and improve yourself to get success.

If you do not show consistent improvement, then there are lots of people who can replace you anytime from your job, position, or your business.

For Example

In 1916, the average age of a company was 70 years and it has been reduced to 7 years in 2016. This is because replacement is taking place at a high speed. So, you need to improve yourself with the help of your resolutions otherwise you will also be replaced.

Tip #3: Recruit Support

Sometimes, we all need a push from someone and it is alright to take support to complete your New Year resolution.

✅ Identify a super-specialist in the field in which you have taken a resolution. Take his/her support to achieve your resolution.

The super specialist can be a like-minded friend, relative, or mentor. They will give you a continuous hand-holding and implementation support to hold on to your resolution.

For Example

An athlete grows only in the company of other experienced athletes.

Remember, this is going to bring a great shift in your life and will make you succeed with your New Year Resolution.