• Do you want to know how to achieve success in life?

You must be thinking about how successful people became successful.

Here are the three powerful tips to be successful in life.

Tip #1: Power of Responsibility
It is one of the tips to be successful in life.

Responsibility is one thing that is never given, it is always taken.

You can’t give responsibility to someone, who is not ready to take it.

Can You? The answer is NO!

For Example
Once a girl was carrying a 12 years old disabled boy on her back and was going to Vaishno Devi.

A saint was also passing by with a heavy bag on his back.

The saint noticed that the poor girl was feeling breathless but she was still moving ahead.

The saint said to the girl:

’Daughter, you might have tired. You are carrying a heavy load on your back.’

To this poor girl replied:

’Baba, load to aapne uthaya hai, Mai to apne bhai ko Darshan Karwane le ja rahi hu.’

Baba was speechless hearing the answer of the poor girl.

So, the Moral is; Responsibility can never be given, It is only taken.

Responsibility, if given, becomes a load.
Responsibility, if taken, can accelerate your progress in life.

Lord Krishna also said, ’sarvatr, sarvada, sarvsthasu.’

Sarvatr means everywhere, Sarvada means every time/always, and Sarvsthasu means in any circumstances.

So, Krishna said that the person, who takes responsibility, gets success everywhere, always, and in any circumstances.

Tip #2: Gratitude Journal
How to become successful by adopting the Gratitude Journal in your life?
Every night before going to bed, you should write a gratitude journal.

It should include what is the good thing that happens today in your life.

Is everything around your waste or important?

You need to find out this.

The person who sees waste in everything, his/her behavior also becomes like that. Their thought also becomes wasteful.

On the other hand, the person who finds everything important around them, their behavior and thoughts also become important. Such people grow very fast because they have a relaxed mind. Happiness and prosperity come to these people automatically.

So, before going to bed, write at least the name of five people whom you are grateful to thankful.

It is said ’Either you are Grateful or Great Fool’ if you feel thankful, you will grow. 

Tip #3: Life is the Result of Choices

It is also one of the tips to be successful in life. 

What type of thoughts do you choose in your life?

Which type of behavior do you select in your life?

You have the ability to make the choice. But, you blame the circumstances, instead of bringing change in your mindset.

To understand how to achieve success in life, you need not depend on others to make a selection. 

If you are not ready to bring change in your life, then nobody else can do this.

There is a saying, I invested my whole life in changing the circumstances, the day I changed my mindset, circumstances changed automatically.

You will face various problems in your life, it will depend on you whether you want to give up or get up. This decision needs to be taken by you and nobody else.

You want to learn or you want to blame, this is your choice. In odd circumstances, some people blame the circumstances while others learn from it.

Do you find life as a puzzle or a problem?

If you take it as a puzzle, you can solve it. But, if you think it as a problem, then it will become a bigger problem.

Your choices make your values; your values build your thoughts
Your thoughts form your behavior; your behavior forms your ethics
Your ethics bring you publicity and your publicity helps you to do business

From the above-given tips to be successful in life, you have to learn to make better choices in your life in order to get guaranteed success.