• Do you want people to trust your brand?
  • Do you want to become an Effective Communicator?

Well! We all want that. Isn't it?

But, do you know that without building the ability to Convince and Influence people, you won’t be able to communicate your Unique Value and Ideas to the World.

Let’s read further to know those 3 Powerful Tips on How to connect with people by which you will be able to Easily Impress, Convince and Inspire those around you.

In this article, we are sharing 3 ways to connect with people, which will enable you to impress and convince anyone.

Tip #1: Become a Connector Detector

Business is Logical but People are Emotional. Every Person has a Connector. All you have to do is ’ find the Connector!

There is always a way to connect with people.

You might have seen Security Guards and Policemen using a Metal Detector to Detect Metal.

Similarly, you will have to Detect a Connector in People to be a Connector Detector.

For Example

If a person comes to a mobile shop and says, "The battery of the phone drains off easily". Now this problem is a connector because the battery problem is causing a problem to the customer.
If there is a person who comes and says, "The phone hangs a lot". Now this problem is also a connector. Do not let this connector go, just hang on tot it and hold it tightly.


Make sure that you do not go into the Auto-Biographical Listening

it is not about communication; it is about Comm-you-nication.

It is not about informing people, it is about involving people.

Every person has their own Needs, Interests, Concerns, and Expectations (N.I.C.E) and from these set only you get the Connector.

You don’t have to find a connector that will be from your life, find it from other’s life.

You don’t have to be interesting; you need to be interested in other people's interests or problems. The moment you get interested in someone, the other person starts feeling connected with you.

  • You cannot influence people by just talking about you.
  • To influence or convince others you need to make them know that you are interested in them.

The connector could be from anything, viz., Sports, Music, Movie, Tech & Gadget, etc. You do not have to delve deep into this. Rather you just have to catch the first two-three lines to find the Connector.

Once you have find the Connector, Just Repeat it!

How to Connect With People Through Parroting & Paraphrasing

The most powerful techniques in finding a Connector are Parroting and Paraphrasing.

The moment you find the Connector, quickly do Parroting and Paraphrasing to Repeat it.

When one person says something and you repeat it, the other person feels connected with you. He feels happy and comfortable.

So, the first step to convince anyone is to get connected.

Tip #2: RAPP Analysis

Meaning: R= Recreation | A= Aspiration | P=Profession | P= Problem

How to connect with people better by doing RAPP Analysis of people?

Once you get connected with the other person, now you can dig deep into their life. Now you need to talk with:

Empathy? not with Sympathy?

In this, you need to know:

What makes the person happy, excited and what gives him recreation?

This depends on your intent and not content, the deeper you go, the better it is for you.

What is Auto-Biographical Listening?

Example 1:

If you show your mobile to someone, he comments ’you have only 4GB RAM, this is nothing I have 6GB’

Example 2:

If you say, I walked for 3 Km, he says, this is nothing to what I used to walk.

So, the above examples show why people are unable to connect with each other.

Through this process of understanding the problem of the person -NICE analysis ’ you can better understand ways to connect with people, anywhere instantly.

Tip #3: Building a Lifetime Impression

How to connect with people better by building a lifetime impression in people’s mind?

Impression means pictures, and when you create a very good and strong impression in one’s mind then you can have very good communication with the person. So, even if you think that you are unable to