• Have you failed in your personal or professional life?
  • Do you want to know how to overcome failure and achieve success in life?

If you never fail in your life, it means you have been playing way too safe. To grow everyone has to take risks in life.

The biggest risk in life that you can take is not taking any risk at all.

No man in history became successful without taking a risk. You have to take a risk which may fail you many times, but failing repeatedly will tell you how to convert failure into success.

Following are some tips that will help you direct your failure to success:

Don’t Make Excuses for your failure

Don’t complain that you failed due to the scarcity of resources.

Even if you don’t have resources, you have seamless potential to generate resources. Even if you don’t have the talent to become successful, you have the potential to create talent.

Now, let us understand how to convert failure into success.

You Have Seamless Potential

No matter how adverse situations are, or what talent and resources you have got, you have to imbibe enthusiasm to convert repeated failures into success.

According to 7th versus in 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita:

mamaivamso jiva-loke

jiva-bhutah sanatanah

The verse says, ’All the living being in this world are my (Lord Krishna) eternal fragmented parts.’

In other words, Krishna has unlimited potential, therefore, you have the benefit of his unlimited potential because you are the part and parcel of Lord Krishna.

Make Maximum Use of Possibilities

Many people complain that they didn’t get a chance in their life to

become successful They go on magnifying difficulties and overlook seamless possibilities around them.

In mathematics, one problem has one solution, but in real life, one problem has many solutions.

Just focus on that solution which will solve your problem.

Circle of Difficulty and Circle of Possibility

Wherever your mind is focused, it gets zoomed. If you think that difficulty is big, then it will go on magnifying it, but if you focus on possibility, then it will become bigger enough to solve all your problems.

No Success without Failure

No person in history has ever created history without tasting some failures. You cannot understand how to convert failure into success until you face failure in your life.

There is a story of failures behind every successful person.

  • Figure out as many possibilities as possible around you and delete difficulties.
  • By focusing on possibilities you can convert every failure into success.
  • You can create a resource from resourcefulness.

Build a Positive Attitude

A bad attitude can never help anybody. So, shift your attitude towards positivity and possibilities, and stop focusing on obstacles.

The disease of negative attitude is far deadlier than diseases like Cancer and Brain stroke.

If you don’t help yourself, nobody in the world can help you to help yourself.