• Do you keep on switching your job?
  • Do you know how to deal with a difficult boss?
  • Are you not satisfied with your job?

If YES, then here are a couple of magical tips pertaining to how to deal with a difficult boss that is going to be your support system in your job journey.

Tip #1: Connect, Convey & Convince

For dealing with a difficult boss, you need to apply the technique of Connecting, Conveying, and Convincing. If you are connected with your boss, then even if you convey less to him, he will be more convinced. But, if the case is opposite, no matter how much you convey, the boss will not be convinced at all.

But, connecting with the boss is not easy.

The 2nd tip will help you how to deal with a difficult boss by developing a connection.

Tip #2: Needs, Interests & Concerns

  • Are you an employee, who speaks his needs, interests, & concerns to the boss? or
  • Are you an employee who listens to his boss’s needs, interests, & concerns?

As your growth is directly linked with your boss’s growth, learn to dealing with a difficult boss by-

  • Understanding his needs, interests, & concerns
  • Understanding his top three priorities
  • Understanding his top three goals in the present year

Seek to understand first, then to be understood!

Tip #3: Listen, Acknowledge, Clarify, & Explain

If your boss is an insecure person, then-

  • Try to make your boss feel more secure.
  • Listen and acknowledge your boss’s ideas, his difference of opinion rather than explaining your concerns first.

Do not listen to your Boss to clarify or respond but listen to him to understand & acknowledge his concerns.

Tip #4: Give Your 110%

Are you giving 100% in your job?

If YES, then even that is not enough. So, start giving 110% as this little 10% extra is the key to influence, inspire your boss.

Tip #5: Develop a Loving Relationship With Boss

Even the most difficult boss is still a person, not a position.

  • Boss is also seeking for right employees around him.
  • Boss is also looking for a more secure relationship with employees.
  • Your good intent will automatically give rise to good content along with improving your credibility. So, always remember-

“If you don’t distinct, you will extinct.”

Tip #6: Never Equate Your Potential with Salary

  • Your salary may be X but your potential may be 100X. Because you are equating yourself with your salary right now, therefore you are not performing well.
  • Some people say-

“Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Jitni Tankhwah Utna Kaam”

“रघुपति राघव राजा राम जितनी तनख्वाह उतना काम”

  • Even some people believe in the Principle of-

“Do bar Punch, Ek bar Lunch, Life hai Tunch”

  • Despite being manifold talented, people are not able to justify their position or role in the organization. If you are also one of them, who are equating an existing potential with salary or who do not want to explore his potential, leave this tendency.
  • Try to become Navratna of your boss. Be the one who works beyond potential, who is different, who works to work not just to earn.

“Unleash your potential right now, be the creator of your own destiny.”

Implementing these tips on how to deal with a difficult boss in your professional life will help you understand his concerns and excel in your career as never before.