• Is your negative attitude a hurdle in your growth?
  • What is the role of a positive attitude in your growth and success?
  • Do you want to develop positive attitude in life?

Attitude plays a vital role in our growth and success. Attitude comes from the seed of the flow of desire that we have developed.

The higher you go in an organization; people use 90% attitude and 10% skills.

However, if you go lower in an organization, people use 90% skills and 10% attitude.

For Example:

The CEO of an organization always uses attitude but less skill whereas a carpenter or shopkeeper uses more skills and less attitude.

So, for your growth, it is necessary that you develop positive attitude towards your life and career.

Seed Pattern and Flow of Desire

You have multiple types of seed patterns and the flow of desires that form your attitude.

Let us study the creative thinking patterns of replacement.

According to the Shloka 2.59 of Bhagavad Gita:

viṣayā vinivartante

nirāhārasya dehinaḥ

rasa-varjaḿ raso ‘py asya

paraḿ dṛṣṭvā nivartate

Lord Krishna says that you have to develop a higher taste to discard the lower one. This is called alternative thinking philosophy.

You have different seed patterns. So, you can choose a seed pattern.

Life is the result of choices you made.

For Example:

If you give sweet dishes to a pig, he will not eat it. But, if you give him feces to eat, he will like to eat it. This is because he has not developed a higher taste.

Similarly, we also develop certain lower mental patterns, we get conditioned with them and we develop a belief system about them.

But we are not an animal; we have a possibility to choose a new seed pattern.

How can we do so?

We can do so by developing a higher taste and discarding a lower one.

Question arises-

How to develop a higher taste?

Whenever you get into a negative situation, do not get dumped too easily.

You should create new roots, new options, new choices, new creations, and new alternatives for yourself to develop positive attitude in life.

You should choose positive roots, positive options, positive choices, positive creations, and positive alternatives.

A shloka related to this is as follows:

vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam

It means that whenever a negative thought acts as a roadblock in your life, develop a positive thought.

Do not get stuck into a circle of difficulty, better to develop a circle of possibility.

Allow yourself to think differently, in a new creative pattern, and have a new flow of desires.
You can develop positive attitude in life by adopting the following steps:

#1: See the Pattern of Your Existing Desire.

How you react in a particular situation?
In a particular situation, you behave in a particular manner and you repeat this behavior when a similar situation occurs in the future.
You need to find out about this situation and your behavior in this situation.

#2: Take a Decision to Process and Dissolve this Existing Pattern.

So as to develop positive attitude in life, first, you have to believe that you are ready to change. Then, allow yourself to change.

#3: Replace and Reinforce a New Pattern.

  • First, replace your old pattern. Then, reinforce the new pattern and consciously hold on these new positive thoughts.
  • Start thinking from a new perspective.
  • Cultivate a new seed and your new life will be started from here.

When you take a new action, new behavior develops. This new behavior turns into a new attitude. In this manner, you can develop positive attitude from negative attitude.