Given a chance, there will be many people who are likely to change their lives.  Why? The ratio of those who enjoy the world of their dreams and those who compromise them due to their responsibilities will probably be 30:70.

We often read and watch movies where people are often asked to follow their heart and chase their dreams. But not many people have a clear goal regarding their career and passion. Some people are not able to identify what they love doing and which career field they would like to work in. Some people hire a business coach for mentoring them.

If you too are confused about finding your passion, this article is a must-read!

1. Analyze Your Interests

Though there are many apps where you can keep a journal and write your thoughts; your notebook and pen will always be your true companions. Now when it comes to finding passion, your notebook and pen will play an important role here too. You have to write down your own thoughts and dreams.

Compile a list of your ideas. However, it is not necessary that it should be systematic. It is important that all your ideas and all your work, which you ever thought of doing, should be included in your notebook. When it comes to work, which field excites you? Is it cooking, traveling, writing, singing or dancing? It could be anything. You have to make a list of all those tasks in the notebook and whatever idea comes to mind, you will have to include it in your notebook immediately. You can also consult a motivational coach for entrepreneurs.

2. Take Inputs from Friends

Have you ever asked your friends what work you are best at? What work do you do better? If you haven't done this yet, then you can do it now! Your friends and family know and understand you very well. They can give you a sense of direction or an idea that can help you to identify your passion and work towards it.

3. Get Back To Your Childhood

Our childhood is that territory where we do what our heart truly desires with a carefree attitude. However, going back to the memory lane will not only refresh our memories. But, it can also help us to find what we used to love doing.

Many people often find out that though they pursued one field, they were good at another in their childhood. People often switch their career because they later realize what they enjoy doing. Therefore, it is also important here that you remember the activities done in your childhood again. Maybe you have some childhood hobby, which you loved but have neglected while growing up.

So find that out. And, if you find an activity in which you are most interested, then start researching about it. Research how you can make a career in it and get success. Research whether the passion you're looking for is a profitable one?  Can I make a career in and if yes then how to prepare for it?

Surround yourself with Inspiring People

What kind of people you are surrounded by is also matters a lot! That's why it is always said that one should stay in the right company so that you stay motivated. When it comes to finding passion, the same formula needs to be adopted here as well. You should always be with people who believe in doing only what they want to do in life. Keep yourself surrounded with people who work hard to turn their dreams into reality by following their passion. The company of positive people works to instill confidence in you and helps you to keep you away from confusion and mistrust. So always try to be surrounded by people who are ambitious and inspirational. You can also listen to the business motivational speaker to gain new perspective towards your goals in life.

Happiness comes in life when you are really happy. Therefore, find your passion and fulfill your professional dreams.