• Do you get nervous in tough situations?
  • Do you want to know how to handle tough situations?

For handling tough situations, there is only one formula, i.e.

Event + Response = Outcome

Event means what is happening around you or what are the circumstances.

The response is your choice, i.e., how do you respond or deal with the circumstance. 

The outcome is the result of your response to that event.

Out of event, response, and outcome, what is in your hands?

You neither have event nor outcome in your hands. There is only one thing in your hands, i.e. response.

So, to know how to handle tough situations, you need to understand the event and response or react accordingly.

Reaction is thoughtless while response is thoughtful.
The problem (or event) that is happening in your life is not the problem. But, considering a problem as a problem is actually a bigger problem. 

How do you respond to that problem or the circumstance? This is important.

Be Mentally Strong, Not Strongly Mental
Circumstances can be anything. They can either make things or break things. They can either make you strongly mental or mentally strong. 

It depends on your choice how would you like to lead your life: 

  • By chance or by choice
  • By default or by design

Lots of people are not choosing or controlling their emotions but their emotions are choosing or controlling them.
For handling tough situations, you need to make your mind mentally strong.

Some people are directed by their emotions while some are directing their emotions.

Some people take instructions from their mind while some are giving instructions to their mind.

Event should not have the capability to change your outcome instead your response to the event should have the ability to change your outcome. 

If an event is bad and your response is also bad, then the outcome will definitely be bad.

If an event is bad but the response is good, then it may be possible that outcome is good. 

Lord Krishna said in Gita, ’Karam karenge; ho sakta hai fal mile, ho sakta hai fal na mile.’

If you do not do your job, then it is confirmed that you will not get the output.

How to handle tough situations?

For handling tough situations, you need to bounce back in tough times. 

Every successful man whether Picasso, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi or any other successful man in the world, ’All the success stories in the world are the stories of great failures.’ But, it is their ability to bounce back in tough times that makes them successful.

You don’t become successful just by reacting. You become successful by responding to a tough time. 

Tough times tell a person that you are tougher than the tough times. 
Choice is power.
Don’t be push-start, be self-start. 

You have the power to start yourself right now.

Response is Everything
There is nothing in the event; everything is in the response. How do you respond to this event will determine your outcome.

So, for handling tough situations, you need to understand how to respond to an event. 

For Example:
A small boy lost his father at a young age and his mother and relatives left him. Now, the same event:
1. can make the boy mentally strong or strongly mental
2. can give him either a hopeless end or endless hope 
3. can give him either breakdown or breakthrough

It will all depend on what he chooses.

Whatever has happened is your experience. What you are is your existence. Experience and existence are different. Do not depend on your experiences. You can’t go back.

Have a better response to having a great outcome in your life.

According to the 2.14 Shloka of Bhagavad Gita:

?gam?p?yino ’nity?s
tans-titik?hasva bh?rata

Shri Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita, ’winter, summer, happiness, grief, respect or disrespect will come and go as they are temporary, but one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.’

The event is temporary. Your response is always with you. Keep choosing.

Whenever you fall, you should bounce back in tough times always. Your response will create a great outcome. You are born to create history on the planet earth.