A survey says that 88% of the employees in an organization are passengers while only 12% are the drivers.

  • How will you increase the drivers in your organization?
  • How will you increase your business performance? 

To get the answer to the above questions, you need to first answer the questions given below:

Q1. What is the Money Making Model of your Department or Organization?
Money making model is one thing that drives the business performance of your department or your organization. 

According to the Pareto Principle, "if you do that one thing, it will be most impacting to the entire business."

It further says that your 20% activities will give you 80% results and your 80% activities will not give you even 20% results. 

You need to identify the one thing that enables you to get 80% results by doing 20% activities. This one thing will be your money making business model.

Q2. What is Your Contribution to the Money Making Model of Your Department or Organization?
Do you know what exactly your responsibilities are in the money making business model? 

If you don’t know this, then your vision, mission, strategy, and plan everything will fail.

How much time you are investing in making the money making model for your department or your organization? 

You need to identify the answer to this question. 

Q3. Does Everybody in Your Department have the Answer to the Above Two Questions?

If you got the answer to all the questions discussed above, you will be able to align the entire business performance in one direction. 

If the entire team or entire organization is working on the most impacting activity and in one direction, it will increase the organization's revenues, productivity, and profitability and make it grow. 

This should be your money making business model.

If you want to drive your business performance and improve employee engagement, then make sure each and every employee in the organization has the answer to the above three questions. They should have the knowledge of money making model of your business.