• Do you want to know the secret of a quick success formula?
  • How to increase your speed of implementation? 

All the successful people whether they are top millionaires, billionaires, sportspersons, entrepreneurs, etc. have one thing in common and that is, their Speed of Implementation. Their speed of implementation is very high.

If any of these people find a new idea or knowledge, they do not wait, they implement it immediately. 

Their implementation time is almost zero.

Speed of Implementation is the quick success formula.

Implementation of Information Leads to Transformation
Information will not give you transformation. The implementation of information will give you transformation. 

  • information is not power, it is only potential power. 
  • Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power. 
  • Only applied information and applied knowledge is real power. 
  • If successful people read a book, they implement their learning immediately. 
  • If they watch a video, they implement the learning from it immediately. 

With time, we develop certain patterns and it becomes difficult for us to change these patterns.

You can change these patterns people only through the speed of implementation.

If you keep on implementing your daily learning, then your ability to change these patterns and bring flexibility in these patterns increases.

Start Now!
Sometimes, people try hard to implement certain things but they are not able to do so. 

Here is a solution for this. You can implement your learning only if you implement it immediately, that is, right now. 

If you are waiting for the right time to come, then it has come, it is now. 
Implement it right now. 

Speed of implementation comes with the word now. 

  • Not tomorrow - start now!
  • Not when the season is nice ’ start now!
  • Not when the reason is nice ’ start now!
  • Not when your vacations are over ’ start now!
  • Not when your horoscope is perfect ’ start now!
  • Not When You Are Not There! Therefore Start Now!
  • The best time to start was only yesterday but the next best time to start is right now. If not now, then never.

Steps to Implement the Knowledge

To increase the speed of implementation of a concept or knowledge, you should take the following five steps:Step #1: Hear
’ First hear the concept. Step #2: Understand
’ After hearing, understand the concept.Step #3: Meditate
’ After understanding, meditate on the concept.Step #4: Digest
’ Identify the things in the concept that are not important and leave them. Determine the actionable things in the concept.Step #5: Apply
’ Now, implement the actionable things.  So, the quick success formula or the formula for success is- the speed of implementation.As fast as you implement knowledge or learning in your life, as quick as you will grow.
Therefore, start implementing the right here and right now.