It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes you have an idea in your mind, but the stability of the future may deter you from pursuing that idea. Sometimes you lack the motivation and other times you are not sure whether the time is right.

But if you set your eyes on a goal and are determined to do what it takes to reach that goal, nothing is impossible. However, there is a brave lot too! People who believed in their dreams and ideas and overcome the fear of failure.

Today, we are celebrating the success story of Vikash Jaiswal who became an overnight sensation, thanks to his free online board game Ludo King. An avid online gamer, Vikash lived and breathed online video games in his teen years.

Online games are popular! But what makes them more popular is their free availability and easy accessibility. And, as the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed all across the world, a large number of people turned towards online games to kill boredom. This bunch consisted, not just avid gamers, but also regular people who were willing to play for longer durations.

Developed by Vikash, founder, and chief executive of Mumbai-based Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd that owns Ludo King, the game has become a lockdown favorite online board game. Vikash Jaiswal has been an avid online gamer since his childhood. Born and brought up in Patna, Vishal decided to pursue computer engineering in college.

During his hostel days, Vikash used to collect free software that came with computer magazines. He first developed the video game ‘Eggy Boy’, which was celebrated as “Game of the Month” by several magazines.

In 2010, he established Gametion with a seed amount of Rs 2 Lakh from his savings and launched Ludo King in the year 2016. The Ludo King has surpassed all the hot favorites like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, PUBG, Temple Run, and Subway Starters in terms of monthly active users in the country.

Now in his mid-40s, Vikash is the creator of an online game that has more than 50 million daily active users around the world. The Ludo King`s monthly active users have reached 185 million.

The motivational story of Vikash Jaiswal shows if you love what you do, the success will be yours! From conception to implementation, if you want to know about the steps that can take you closer to success, visit our website

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