Summary: A successful business takes years of dedication, hard work, and persistence. Are you ready to give your all to transform your dream into a reality?

“You cannot get into the business just for the fashion of it”- this famous quote said by Azim Premji, former Wipro Chairman stands true now more than ever. The current breed of entrepreneurs look for quicker returns, however, a business takes years of hard work and grit.

If you too have an amazing business idea, but can`t find inspiration to drive it with all your passion and dedication, here are two inspiring stories of Indian entrepreneurs who despite hundreds of hurdles pursued their dreams to find success.

1. Anuj Mundhra, Founder, Nandani Creation Pvt Ltd

Anuj Mundhra who started his professional journey from 2001 to 2003 worked in a saree showroom in Jaipur and earned INR 1,400 every month. He soon realized that he can`t lead a life with this income for too long. He quit his job in 2003 and started a business of trading suit pieces.

Soon, he started purchasing suit sets from vendors and further sells them to other vendors and shopkeepers. Once he started earning a decent income, Anuj opened his block and screen printing units in Jaipur. He continued doing it till 2012 until Anuj came to Delhi and saw huge hoardings of eCommerce marketplaces of Jabong & Snapdeal.

It didn’t take Anuj too long to understand that eCommerce is going to be the future of shopping in India. He came back to Jaipur and spoke to a Chartered Accountant (CA), enquiring about company regulations and compliances. He launched Nandani Creation in 2012 and branded the eCommerce offshoot as In the first year itself, the company clocked a turnover of Rs 59 lakh.

Today, the company manufactures and sells suits, Kurtis, fusion wear, and a host of other apparel items. The B2C Company even exports to countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Malaysia, and a few others. The average selling price for suits is Rs 900 and for Kurtis, it is Rs 650.

If you too have limited resources but want to start your own business, don`t hold back. Anuj too started the business with very limited resources. Not just he takes out a loan from a bank but also pooled money from his friends and family.

So if you believe in your dreams, pursue them with all you have.

2. Prem Khanna, Founder, Gourav Luminaries

When Prem Khanna left Kharkoda village, he harbored dreams of moving to the capital city and building a life for himself. To help him pursue his dreams, his parents gave him INR 5000. Soon, he started working at a local factory in Delhi.

“My father was street smart and a one-man army. He would save whatever he earned and invest in building the team by calling on his friends and relatives who needed work. Over the years, the brand of the electrical has grown into an Rs. 52 crores revenue business with an 85-member strong workforce and 115 people employed as contractual labor”, shares Prem Khanna.

He worked out of a small room in the Shahdara district, and made chokes at night with his own hands, and sold them at local markets during the day. After saving enough money, he established ‘Gourav Luminaries’ in 1991 and began building his brand.

Soon his two sons Gaurav and Pankaj joined his business in 2010. Gourav Luminaries soon grew into becoming an electrical brand with four manufacturing units for its Otto modular switches (its bestselling product), Yodha switchgear, Hilyt LED lights, Viktor ceiling fans, etc., in the Sahibabad Industrial Area.

Today, the company has established a 250+ distributor and direct dealer network across North India and earns Rs 52 crore revenue. If you are determined to start your own business, nothing in this world can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

No dream is too small; no goal is too big if you are ready to give it all to turn it into a reality. With the onset of New Year 2022, start working towards your goals and turn that amazing business idea into a startup business. To help you move forward in building a business from the scratch, you can take online entrepreneur courses.

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