Summary: Most of us are stuck in 9-to-5 jobs. But some people have taken up the offbeat path when it comes to doing jobs.….click…..Ctrl+C…Ctrl+V……save file…save as….Ctrl+shift+Del……….Well, a lot of us working in mainstream jobs might be getting our salaries on time. But very few of us would say that we are satisfied with our work.

We are stuck in a routine and our work schedule has become mechanical. Still, we choose to do 9 to 5 desk jobs each day. But a few lucky ones amongst us dared to dream differently and escaped the rut by doing some of these offbeat jobs that we are sure you have not even heard of.

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Here are a few business ideas that pay surprisingly well:

1. Professional Cuddler

Gone are those days when the only profession was doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Today, there is no dearth of unique ideas that is a driving change behind the blooming startup ecosystem in India. One of these unconventional professions is to become a ‘professional cuddler.’

Many people have adapted it as a full-time profession and are earning pretty good. Trevor Hooton is a professional cuddler and hugger who charges as much as Rs 7,100, for an hour's service. He also goes by the name 'Treasure' and offers 'connections coaching' for people who find it difficult to form relationships. According to Trevor, a lot of people do not understand the profession.

2. Become a Professional Bridesmaid

If you are good at giving wedding advice and guidance to all your friends when it comes to costume color, design, hair-dos, make-up, and footwear then you can consider becoming a professional bridesmaid.

Most often we see that brides need their friends around for beautiful photographs and of course emotional support. Many companies provide bridesmaids who provide exceptional services that include offering day-of advice to giving a beautiful toast at the ceremony. You can earn from INR 6000 to INR 7000. Sounds interesting? So put on your best dress and heels, and get ready to enjoy a wedding as a bridesmaid.

3. Water Slide Taster

As bizarre as it sounds, a water slide tester gets paid well. Job responsibilities include taking multiple rounds and trips down the slide to see how much it needs, how quickly you reach down, and how safe it is. Well, having fun during job hours goes without saying. So are you ready to make a splash?

4. Ice Cream Tasters

Does your heart skip a beat when you look at a cup filled with delicious ice cream? If you just nodded your head into a yes, this unconventional idea will make your taste buds extremely happy. Ice cream tasters, otherwise known as food scientists, sensory analysts, or "flavorologists," can make up to $60,000 a year. If you'd like to get paid to try out new ice cream flavors, this unconventional career path may be for you.

5. Food Photographers

Have a look at your Instagram account. Do you see lots of dishes lying creatively in your posts and reels? Are you passionate about clicking pictures of delicacies and mouth-watering food decorated on a platter? Can your pictures make a badly-cooked dish look appealing to the eyes and other sensory organs?

If you love clicking pictures of food served on the table, you can become a food photographer. A food photographer is in great demand and makes a generous income these days. Chefs and restaurant owners hire food photographers to capture beautiful pictures of food for promotional use. Not just in the hospitality sector, but also they are in great demand by magazines, cookbook publishers, and newspapers too.

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