Union MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that he is confident that the firms in the micro, small and medium sector will fight the second wave of coronavirus pandemic with conviction, leading the country to a positive growth trajectory. Gadkari also added that the MSME sector battled the first wave of COVID-19 outbreak with great resilience and came out with strong growth projections." MSMEs in India: Govt Aims To Raise MSME Sector’s Share in GDP to 40% From the Current 30% To Benefit Rural Poor, Says Nitin Gadkari.

Union MSME Minister said, "As a country, we battled the first wave of COVID-19 with great resilience and came out with strong growth projections. And I'm confident in the ability of the industry and MSME sector to battle the ongoing wave with similar conviction and lead India to a positive growth trajectory." MSME Sector in India Has Huge Potential To Become World’s Largest Manufacturing Hub, Says Nitin Gadkari.

While addressing an event organised by the Amazon India, Nitin Gadkari said that the Indian MSMEs have a great opportunity of getting integrated with the global supply chain as various countries across the globe are looking to diversify their supply chain out of China.

He added that to enhance the competitiveness of the Indian MSMEs, both on national and global level, technology is a critical factor. "We need to ensure that digital transformation of India's MSME sector takes place that enables them to capitalise on India's current opportunity," said Union MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari.

In May last year, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the government had introduced an Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, to help the struggling MSMEs back on their feet. This scheme was a part of the Rs 20 lakh crore package that was brought forward and executed by our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman to repair the damage that has been done to this sector in the light of COVID-19.

Nitin Gadkari had earlier said that contribution of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector in the overall Indian economy, the coming years, will be enhanced to 40 per cent. Currently the firms in the Micro, Small and Medium sector contributes around 30 per cent in the overall gross domestic product in the country. Nitin Gadkari added that the works to increase export from the firms in MSME sector are in progress.