The central government and its various agencies are undertaking various steps to promote and develop the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the country. Several schemes and programmes have been initiated under different developments plans to enhance the MSME sector, thereby helping firm establish themselves, sustain and grow. The MSME Ministry spearheaded by Nitin Gadkari has also issued certain guidelines and road map for the successful and progressive running of the businesses in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. In a recent event also, Gadkari provided certain advisory for various firms in the sector. Champions: MSME Ministry's Grievances Redressal Portal Resolves 26,693 Complaints in 9 Months.

The Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Road Transport & Highways  Nitin Gadkari have urged the business owners to install rooftop solar for enhancing the efficiency of the firm and bring down the cost of operations substantially. He said that the roof top solar system  offers an excellent value proposition to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  by significantly bringing down cost of electricity consumption, which on an average, is up to one-fifth of their operations cost. He also asked the people in the sector to avail concessional debt finance to do the same.

"I believe there is a strong business case for MSMEs to install rooftop solar and achieve significant savings to achieve the cost-competitiveness. I am confident that MSMEs will stand together in generating and consuming solar power using their rooftops," said Union Minister Nitin Gadkari while addressing an event virtually. He added that a large amount (average Rs 8 and higher per unit) is being paid by the firms in the MSME sector for power consumption, which contributes to up to one-fifth of the overall production costs. Major Boost to MSME Sector: Govt Trying to Make 5,000 MSME Clusters Under SFURTI Initiate, Says Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

"To assist MSMEs in implementing rooftop solar projects, the ministry is working with the World Bank on a credit guarantee program to make financing accessible to unrated MSMEs. Considering the rates of solar power from large utility power plants have come down to a record INR 1.99/kWh, MSMEs must leverage this opportunity to bring down their energy expenses," said Nitin Gadkari.