Summary: The right words can make you more money than you can ever anticipate. Want to know how? Discover how you can generate more leads by choosing your words wisely.

Only a few things have earned the title of “most-frustrating” in this world and of those things is spending hours in writing a copy that fails miserably. Where a well-written copy can get you qualified leads you need to keep your startup business growing without interruption, a bad copy can result in various losses.

Many entrepreneurs lose their sleep over it to analyze why their copies have failed to perform. If you are a writer, you probably analyze it too, but even if you are not a copywriter, it is critical to understand the critical elements that make a copy good.

If you don`t want to be at the mercy of your marketing director or ad agency, you must understand the inherent structure of an excellent copy that sells.

But, if you are not a trained copywriter professional, how can you ensure that the copies for your products and services are not lacking the essential elements? Worry not!  Given below are the 4 pillars that will persuade your potential customers to take the desired action:

1. Headline

Headlines are significant. And still many people do not invest much time in thinking about the headlines while writing copies. The headline is essentially the ad to your ad. It is crucial to grab your potential customer's attention to make them read the entire message. To craft a perfect copy, it has to tap into your target audiences` core beliefs that resonate with their desires and deeper aspirations.

If done correctly, it will trigger a spark in that prospect`s emotional core and that`s when the magic begins that can change doubt into confidence, despair into hope, and fear into courage. This pillar might require you to invest time, but once it is optimized, it will attract customers to your startup business like a moth to the flame.

2. The Promise

Every winning ad copy is written upon the foundation of a “big idea” which is the benefit that you have promised to your customers. The first two paragraphs after the headline constitute the lead. It serves the function to restate the promise of your product or service. However, it also states who is it for, and who it isn`t for.

Once your well-written copy grabs the customer`s attention, he or she begins wondering if it has something for them. At this stage, it is your lead`s job to clarify what your product or service is and what it will deliver. If the message is not clear, a reader will get confused and a confused mind almost always withdraws and says “NO”. A winning lead should be clear, concise, and deliver that promise that you have made.

3. Bullets

We all are aware of the clarity that bullet points provide us in any presentation, article, or blog. These are concise statements that offer insights about benefits but do not reveal anything. The purpose of bullet points is to arouse curiosity. The bullet points that are excellently crafted have elements of mystery, novelty, promise, and vivid imagery. This invokes an image inside a customer`s mind and makes it easier to make readers take action.

4. Body Copy

Body copy is that part of the sales argument, which is often the least-read part. Most of the readers skim through this portion in an unconscious attempt to figure out how it is beneficial for them to read the entire body of the sales letter. To attract more customers for your startup business, use subheadings and unused bullets to divide the letter into distinct sections. Add some images, sales arguments, promise, and proof and push tactics to craft a unique selling proposition around your startup business.

If done right, a copy can become a frictionless call to action. Apply the above-mentioned 4 techniques while crafting a perfect copy for your ad copies. You can boost your sales easily with the right guidance of a business expert.  Learn to generate high revenue earning products for sales, generate payment links for customers, managing account-related details. Solve your problems in just one click: