• Do you want to retain your existing customers and create new customers for a lifetime?
  • Do you know how to increase sales? 

Read this complete article to know tips on how to increase sales and create loyal customers. These ideas will help you retain your existing customers and create new customers for a lifetime.

Tip #1: Customer’s Name is the Sweetest Desert to Him

The first workable tip to increase your sales is connecting with your customers by knowing their names. 

Customers love to hear their names from others. 

If you are a small shop owner, you should give a personalized touch to your customers by greeting them with their names.  Apply this little tip, you will get big results.

It is psychologically proven that every individual loves to listen to his name.

In a survey of 100 people, it was found that the waiter’s tip increased by 14% when he gives a good-quality mint along with the bill at the time of clearing. 

When there were children along with the customers, waiters bring candy for kids instead of mint and this increases their tip to 27%.

Though it won’t cost much, if you give your customers some specialized, personalized and customized service, they will come to you again and again, which will help you increase your brand value, brand equity, and sales.

Tip #2: Co-Creation of Innovation with your Customer

Whatever changes you are planning to bring in your products or services, you should take extensive feedback from your customers. Your customer should feel that he/she is also part of the innovation. This model is called the ABCDE model.

Analyze the needs of the customer.
Brainstorm the actual requirement of the customer.
Co-create; involve your customer in the product’s creation. 
This is one of the reasons for Subway’s success, as the customer creates its own customized meal. Co-creation empowers the customer and if the sandwich does not taste good, then also the customer doesn’t mind as he himself was involved in creation.


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