If you are setting up a new business, you will always consider an auspicious time to start the venture or a firm. It is believed that the ‘auspicious time’ known as ‘mahurat’ followed by Hindus before starting any kind of new business, small or big, can provide many benefits and help the business flourish. Any work, office, shop or factory that is started at a ‘shubh mahurat’ always open up new business opportunities for the entrepreneur. If one starts the business at an ‘shubh’ time, the business will become a great success with rapid growth. Let us see when are these auspicious days in November 2020 according to astronomy.

In November 2020, a new shop, new office or factory can be inaugurated in these auspicious times-

  1. November 8: If you wish to open a new shop, November 8, 2020 is an auspicious day as it is Saptami Tithi and Pushya Nakshatra on that day.
  2. November 12: On 12 November 2020, Dwadashi tithi will be observed which is considered to be auspicious for starting or opening new office as the day falls on Hasta Nakshatra, which is lucky.
  3. November 13: It is a Friday and it is an auspicious time to start trading as Trayodashi and Chitra Nakshatra fall on the same day.
  4. November 15: Sunday, November 15, 2020 is an auspicious day for opening shop due to Amavasya and Anuradha Nakshatra.
  5. November 19: On Thursday, November 19, 2020, Panchami Tithi and Uttarashada Nakshatra are auspicious to start business.
  6. November 20: On Friday, Shashthi Tithi will be auspicious for shop Opening due to Uttarashada Nakshatra.
  7. November 25: Ekadashi falls on November 25, 2020, which is a Wednesday. The date is auspicious and lucky for office opening due to Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra.
  8. November 27: On 27 November 2020, Dwadashi Tithi and Ashwini Nakshatra are beneficial for the beginning of any trading in business.
  9. November 30: Rohini Nakshatra with full moon on Monday is auspicious for starting a new business.

The Auspicious time for shop-factory-office opening as per Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga are: November 12, November 13, November 25, November 27, November 30. The auspicious time for opening of shop or office – November 8, 12, 13. With the onset of the festive season, people are now gearing up to bring their business to normalcy after being severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. In the new normal, entrepreneurs are now gearing up to look for opportunities to revive their businesses.