Summary: Many small business owners often get skeptical about consulting a motivational coach. But very few know that finding the right business coach can increase your odds of success.

In today`s world just like startups, business coaches in India are increasing as fast as leaves growing on trees in the spring. Even in our network, we must have come across someone who is either a business motivational speaker or know someone who is working as one.

Many people are turning towards starting their own startup business. They have a business plan in place, have raised funds, and learned the dynamics of the business world. However, with the right guidance and support, they can surely accelerate the process. That`s where a business coach comes in.

According to a recent study by SCORE, “mentored businesses were 12% more likely to remain in business after one year and around 87% of small business owners who consult a business coach are likely to stay in business after one year as compared to 75% without a mentor.”

So if you are still scratching your head whether you should like to consult with a motivational speaker, here are highly beneficial results you can obtain by hiring a coach for your startup business:

1. Gives Goal Clarity

A great coach can help you identify your professional and personal goals. A good mentor can help you gain an understanding of various aspects of your life and can make a massive positive impact on your business and your life.

Working with a motivational coach for entrepreneurs can give you incredible insights into what you want to accomplish in your business and life.

2. Helps to Attain Balance Between Life & Business

Everyone has a personal and professional goal. But very few manage to meet them because it is quite difficult to stick to the plan until objectives are met.  If you have identified your goal, the next challenge that everyone faces is to accomplish it without sacrificing our health and personal life.

As an entrepreneur, the journey becomes more challenging as they have to juggle various roles in their personal as well as professional lives. A business coach can truly help you to focus on the essential steps and processes and filter out the rest of the noise to reach your objectives. He can also help you to define a path and pace that is apt for your business without compromising your personal life.

3. Finds Pitfalls & Guides to Overcome Them

A good business motivational speaker is part guide, cheerleader, and warden. He or she has the expertise to analyze and find pitfalls in your business model. He or she will always be there when you lose a sense of direction or feel stuck.

A mentor knows when to encourage you and cheer for you and when to hold you accountable to accomplish your goals. Their impartial view of business helps them to call you out and help you to break the old pattern that might keep you and your business stagnant.

4. Supports You

Having support and a team especially when you are starting something new is incredibly critical to the success of your business. Many entrepreneurs do not get the support of their families or friends. In this situation, a motivational coach for entrepreneurs can prove to be a great support system. With his years of experience and wisdom, he can provide a magical competitive advantage to small business owners.

Finding the right business coach or mentor can help you to grow and scale your startup from the scratch. Yes, you will have to put your best efforts in, but a mentor can help you that it is going in the right direction. Hiring a business motivational speaker will help you to bypass multiple dead ends while helping you to discover a clear path to success.

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