Whether it's sports or the startup ecosystem, India is moving ahead. The Indian women too have become more career-oriented and focused as compared to the past. Today, women are more concerned about their studies because financial independence has become necessary. While many are heading the top-level positions like Indra Nooyi, many others have become successful entrepreneurs too.

Out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India, 14% are women. A small startup business ideas can boom into a full flourishing business. All it takes is a little push and women today can achieve their sky of success.

However, running a business is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of determination and passion to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. But if you feel you have it in you, what it takes to be a successful women entrepreneurs in India, many business ideas can start with low or zero investment.

Here is a list of small business ideas that you can start and be your boss:

1. Food Delivery Business

It may sound clichéd, but making good food is an art. An art that is delicate and invaluable. And, if you have been receiving compliments on your culinary skills in your circle, a food delivery business is what you consider.

With lots of people returning to their traditional taste buds, you can succor their demands with family recipes, traditional cuisines, or simply home-cooked food in your style.

You can begin with calling your circle of friends and tell them you are starting your own food business. Word of mouth helps in spreading the word for your business. Becoming a home chef is one of the best small startup business ideas that you can start from home.

2. Fashion Boutique

If you have a thing for fashion, then opening a fashion boutique is another profitable startup business idea for you. You need to have a minimum budget of INR 5 Lakh to start this business. Along with that, you will also need a minimum of 300 sq ft of space, a set of sewing machines, and one tailor. You can use platforms like Shopify and Facebook to showcase your designs and reach a bigger audience. With online payment gateways, you can easily manage the payments.

3. Unique Handicrafts

Another fantastic small business idea for women is to start a business of handmade craft supplies. The market has seen an emerging trend towards handmade as it is authentic and unique. This business needs very low investment as you can start this business from your home in just INR 500 - 2000.

By using the websites like Shopify, you can set up your shop online and sell your unique creations from the comfort of your home. Stationary to handcrafted book covers, diaries, and wall hangings to handmade goodies, it is an amazing money making ideas that you can start from home.

Use good quality products and create items that showcase finesse and you can see loyal customers knocking at your doors.

4. Stock Trading

The stock market has huge potential not just for investors, but also for women who want to gain financial independence from the comfort of their homes. Women with great knowledge of the market, shares, and stocks have already turned their homes into their Wall Street Office.

Stock trading can be done from anywhere, even as a side-hustle. All you need is good analytical skills and how to use your financial skills with a budget of INR 5000. There are many sites like Groww, Zerodha, Funds India that offer help and also advise how to invest money in the stock market and make sensible investments. There are also multiple online courses for entrepreneurs on the Trading & Stock Market.

From Social Media Influencer to opening a bakery, there are many small business ideas for women that can be converted into a home-based or online business opportunity. All you need to do is to identify a skill or a talent that you excel at.

The above-mentioned small ideas for women entrepreneurs are perfect for those who want to be their boss. To more such amazing ideas, visit www.badabusiness.com.