Mumbai, October 21: The coronavirus pandemic has affected every business around the world. Several companies have been shut, people have been fired and many are on the verge of closing down. The pandemic has taught entrepreneurs some harsh lessons which every owner needs to keep in mind before starting a business.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused changes in mindset, attitude, direction, and the behaviour for organisations, according to CISCO.

Here are 4 lessons which entrepreneurs need to keep in mind after the coronavirus pandemic:

Keep a plan B ready:

No one expected that coronavirus pandemic will have this massive impact and the effect will be lasting this long. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, strict lockdowns were enforced and there were several restrictions. This was not an ideal scenario for businesses to run smoothly. Here comes a plan B in handy, on which you can fall back on if your initial plan doesn't work.

Every day is not going to be the same. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, if you're struggling to cope with ups and down of the entrepreneurial journey then it is critical for you to have a Plan B in place.

Hire carefully: Allocate a set budget and then hire accordingly. Don't overspend on resources which can easily be done with limited resources.

Keep a contingency fund ready: Prepare a contingency fund for emergency purpose. This fund is cash or other assets reserved to address unforeseen circumstances or losses in a business. The role of the contingency fund is to improve a company's financial stability by developing a safety net that the firm can use to fill emergency needs.

Be Open to accepting new technology:  The virus has emphasised the importance of technology, as it was relied on more than ever for companies to conduct work. From work from home to business meetings, closing deals and interviews, everything was done online with the help of technology amid the pandemic.