Almost half of the population around the globe has online access thanks to cheaper internet plans and affordable smartphones. Today, the internet and phones are available even in the remotest areas of India. The easy accessibility of the internet is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs, and small startup businesses to start thinking seriously about digital marketing strategy.

From Search Engine Optimization to website analytics, marketing tools have the ultimate power which is the key to having a constant flow of leads. If used properly, they can also bring a significant boost in business profits.

So what are those 5 Digital Marketing Tools that can transform your small startup business ideas into a growing successful business? Here is a list:


A great way to scale your business is to host an automated webinar. An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that stimulates live activities to make the participants believe that they are part of a live event. But the catch here is that you should only host it once.

Hosting a webinar is a brilliant way to reach out to your audience. They act as part of a sales funnel and can be used to explain distinct aspects of your business. It could be a new product launch, a complicated bundle of services, or the lack of sufficient demand in the market.

Companies can automate their sales process, save their resources and time. Several companies like Bada Business have started using webinars as their main source of leads. A webinar is an attractive method for you to cultivate your potential customers and move clients from one rung of the funnel to another.


A chatbot is not a novel tool. A chatbot is an instrument based on Artificial Intelligence software that can communicate with people as humans do but through chat windows. The use of this technology can improve the company’s business performance by 5% to 25%. Chatbots can provide multiple benefits to startup business. It can help to reduce costs as through chatbots companies can offer 24-hour customer service. This will help to resolve customer`s queries without any delay and help to scale the organization`s customer experience.

There are many companies like Indigo and Kotak Mahindra Bank that are already using chatbots. This helps companies to establish more personalized and efficient communications with potential clients.


Voice search is an amazing digital marketing tool for startup businesses that can turn around your SEO strategy, for the good. According to a report by finance online, the average number of voice searches per month is one billion. One of the most popular technologies utilizes innovations like Google Assistant, Amazon`s Alexa, and Apple`s Siri.

More and more users are using voice search instead of typing in their search bar to explore the vast reserve of the web. The voice search changes the keywords according to what people use to find when they are looking for something particular. This tool not only tracks keyword distribution but also analyzes and assesses your search visibility.


Standing true to its name, UGC is any type of content including texts, photos, videos, memes, etc. that is created not by the brands, but by the users, customers, and clients. Brands then share UGC on social media platforms for further promotion.

Using UGC has many benefits. First, it can directly influence organic growth because a consumer looks up to another consumer for honest feedback. Second, the algorithms of social media platforms are built on the principles of UGC or user-to-user communication. After all, it is the new word-of-mouth.

A digital marketing tool is a sophisticated way to enhance the business process within your startup business or an organization. The above-mentioned tools can help to promote your products and services, generate qualified leads, and increase sales.

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