“What`s in a name?” is a beautiful quote said by none other than William Shakespeare. But, he didn’t know at that time how important a role a name plays in one`s life and especially in the business world.

Ask the entrepreneurs, and even Shakespeare will have to agree that choosing the right name is extremely important.

Entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to picking up the right business name. The wrong name can do more harm than good to your business. It can play a major role in the disconnection between a customer and your business.

In contrast, a powerful business name can be extremely helpful in building your brand`s image. So if you too are having a nightmare about picking up the wrong name for your business, here are some magical business name tips just for you:

  1. Select Easy-to-pronounce & meaningful names

Yes, having a fancy business name might sound cool and all. But, if your potential customers won`t remember it, will it serve the purpose? Not really!

You do not want your target audience to get confused when they look for your business name online. Hence, keeping it simple will not only provide more visibility to you but will also ease the search process for your customers.

  1. Pick a name that is as diverse as your business growth

Imagine if Jeff Bezos had picked the name “EBooks” instead of “Amazon.” So, always pick a name that aligns with your business growth and expansion. You might be starting with one product, but if you have the vision to go into a distinct range, the name should be in the alignment.

Avoid choosing a name that could limit your business to a particular product or a particular city, as it may cause you problems down the road.

  1. Research well!

No one would like to get into legal hurdles at the beginning of a startup. Entrepreneurs avoid legal hurdles like a plague! So, if you have zeroed-in on a business name, do a web search on it. Generally, you may end up finding someone who is already using that name. While that won`t be a total showstopper, you might get time to do some more research to avoid conflicts.

  1. Domain Name

When choosing a domain name for your business, always pick “.com” rather than alternatives such as .net, .org, .biz, or other domain extensions. If you are thinking about the reason behind it then customers tend to associate a business website with the “.com” domain with a more established business.

Customer perception plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Hence, getting your business name right is the first step to building a powerful brand. Come up with 5 to 10 names and ensure that the name sounds good when said aloud.

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