Clear and coherent communication between the business owners and its employees is one of the key features for the growth and success of any firm. Internal communication is important for ensuring that from top level managers to the workers all are on the same page about business' principles, policies and objective and plans undertaken to achieve the goals of the firm. It also helps the employees to understand their job roles better and perform in line with the business' requirements. The internal communication comprises dual channels- downward (top to bottom) and upward (down to up). Through the downward channel instructions, orders, feedback, guidelines are passed on while though the upward channel information, grievances, queries are passed. 4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy & Motivated.

Proper internal communication is required so that there is no scope of error or confusion in implementing plans and carrying out the work to meet the objectives of the firm. This becomes even more crucial for a firm that is in its initial phases and still struggling to establish its roots in the markets. A clear communication becomes increasingly important for start-ups. Here are some ways through which start-ups can improve their internal communications:

Encourage Two-Way Communication:

The most important feature of any conversation is that is a two-way process. There is a sender who gives information and receiver who upon receiving the information from the sender processes it and responds. The element of receiver's response is crucial. In business communication as well the how well the employee receives and understand the information provided by the manager is important, that effects the overall work execution. Hence managers should encourage two-way communications and ask responses from the employees.

Develop Personnel Connect:

One way to improve the communication and remove the barriers is by developing a personal connect with the employees. This ensures that the employees feel free to discuss any query and confusion regarding the work with the manager, thereby improving their work performance and avoiding errors. Managers should provide a ear to all the problems her subordinates face in the business environment and make them feel valued. 5 Steps Companies should take to Improve Diversity at Workplace!

Value Employee Opinion:

Another method of improving the business communication is by giving a clear opportunity and platform to the employees to provide their feedback on various decisions of the management. Most importantly, their feedback should be acknowledged and valued. The business owners should not outrightly dismiss the opinions and thoughts of the employees. They should be listened and taken into consideration.

Organise Weekly Review Meetings:

One more way to improve the communication is by organising weekly meetings to discuss work and related topics. It helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the decisions of the management and understand it. Such meetings also help in reviewing the work progress and what modification and amendments if any, are required to improve the functioning of the organisation.

It is necessary for startups to establish a coherent internal communication channels for the business and encourage employees to communicate openly via proper channels. Such a well-organised set-up provides the firm as well the employee to learn, understand each others aspirations and develop a style of working that is suitable and productive for all.