For many people, a job of nine to five brings satisfaction with the salary at the end of the month. But many people want to startup something of their own. Some people want to start their own business but in the absence of a good business plan or because of lack of capital, they give up on their dream business.

For such entrepreneurs, this article of ours today is going to be very helpful. In this article we are going to tell you 5 low-investment business ideas that are profitable:

1) Catering Business

There is an old saying that the way to reach a person's heart is through his stomach. If you have amazing culinary skills and can cook delicious food, then your skill will be the reason for starting your business. There is always a demand for good quality food. The catering business is considered to be one of the best startup business plans because it is not a seasonal business. Also, the business of catering is a low investment business. Start this business with low investment and generate revenue.

2) Travel Agency Business

Holidays are special not only for tourists but also for travel agencies to earn profits in business. Travel agencies work to provide good facilities from travel tickets to hotel booking for the tourists. People often think of traveling somewhere twice a month and travel agencies do the work to make this idea successful. This business is not a low investment business but it can be started with a low budget through the right strategies.

You can start a travel agency by tying up with a big agency. By joining a big agency, you also get work experience and also get the trust of tourists. You can start this business by choosing any good travel agency and joining them.

3) Retail Business

Retail business is a good example of the Best Startup Business Plan for small businessmen. Before starting this business, you have to decide what kind of product you want to sell in retail. From cosmetics to clothes to home decor products to FMCG products, you can start this business by choosing the products. Retail business can be started with less investment and can also be started with more investment.

Your retail business will get the support of e-commerce sites and you can increase your sales easily by delivering your products to remote customers.

However, start your research in this field before starting your business. Collect information through research products that are high in demand in your city or state and manufacturing is done in another city or state. Information gathered can help you make an informed decision and to create a good business plan.

4) Event Management

If you have a creative mindset then the event management business can prove to be the most perfect business for you. You can start this business with a low investment. All you have to do is come out with good strategies. In the event management business, you have to find the right vendor, who can provide you with the right services at a reasonable price. Event planning also requires your management skills and a good team.

5) Consulting Business

Your mentoring ability can provide a good business opportunity for you. If you have a good understanding and hold on to any subject, then consulting business is the best business for you. This is a good business to be included in the list of best small businesses to start with low investment. You can start your own consulting business with a minimum budget. Small businessmen can try their hand at these low-cost businesses to start their own business.

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