Summary: A good business idea is difficult to come by. But with the right planning, one can kick start a small business with minimum investment.

The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to have a good business idea. There are many business ideas that one can start, but not everyone is ready to invest a large sum initially. Maybe you already have an idea but are hesitating due to a low budget. To help you get started here is a list of small business ideas which you can start easily.

Here is a list of 5 part-time small businesses that you can begin with minimum capital:

1. Resume Writing

If you love writing and have an eye for detail when it comes to writing interesting resumes and cover letters, you can help others and charge them for your services. Many people are not good at writing their resumes. Hence, they download a common template from the internet and fill it with their details. Result? Sloppy, poorly written, inadequately proofed resume and cover letter after the next!

You can either do this business full-time or embrace it as a freelance job while keeping your day job. Either way, you can earn good money. All you need is a good website! To know how you can design a website and increase visitors, you can take a business coaching program online.

2. Paper-Mache Craft

If your heart and soul lie in something creative and environment-friendly too, then give your entrepreneurial dream a kick start with a paper-craft business. Paper-Mache craft items are made of paper pulp mixed with glue.

The best thing about starting a paper-craft business is that it does not require a large investment. The raw materials and designing techniques do not require special tools. This craft includes pendant lights, bowls, decorative flowers, and other home décor items.

3. Tiffin Service

As more and more people are migrating to other cities across India due to jobs or for their studies, the tiffin service has become a profitable business idea. People these days have such a busy schedule that they are looking for home-cooked options. Women who want to be financially independent can start this business with a minimum investment of INR 15000.

All you need to do is research your target clientele and a bit of promotion. Word-of-mouth is your best bet in a tiffin service business. So cook lip-smacking dishes and see your clientele growing in large numbers. Once established, you can learn how to scale your business to earn more profit by taking help from a business coach.

4. Photography

Love clicking beautiful pictures that can leave people awestruck? From newly opened cafes and bistros to real estate firms and auto dealers, many businesses are in constant demand for stunning and high-quality pictures of their products.

Photography is competitive, so you’ll want to develop a focus or a niche. And you’ll need to do some marketing to attract clients. So think through who your target market is, what kind of photography you’ll offer, how you’ll differ from your competitors, what kinds of packages and pricing you’ll offer, and what your marketing message will be.

5. Tutoring

If you are a subject matter expert, excel in sports or music, or are simply brilliant at math and science, you can start tutoring adults and children. You can provide online tutoring on skill platforms right from home without requiring any investment.

Even if your full-time job leaves you with no or very little work, you can pursue the above-mentioned small pass-time businesses with a few hours over the weekend. Kick-off any of these businesses to fuel your entrepreneurial dream.

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