We can never forget the moment when during a press conference Cristiano Ronaldo moved aside Coca-Cola bottles. While this one small action resulted in the reduced valuation of the famous brand overnight, many other brands made the most out of this opportune moment to score a creative goal.

A lot of creative memes were captured on the screen followed by several famous brands like Fevicol hijacking the event to connect with their customers. The idea was simple- custom-fit the controversy according to their brand, to market themselves, appeal to their clients, and rope in new ones. This was a moment of marketing that was used by all popular brands across the globe and equally works for small start businesses.

 So what exactly is this concept of Moment Marketing that has become all the rage?

Moment Marketing is an awesome technique that utilizes the ongoing viral event without having to pay for it. Though many people assume that it is a new thing, they are completely mistaken. The Utterly Butterly Amul girl has been hijacking the ongoing events for decades. The creative and witty liners have been received well and enjoyed by the audiences as well.

If you are an entrepreneur, who is looking to hijack a viral moment for your brand presence to reach more audience, here are 5 tips to ace it:

1. Stay Updated with the Trends & Keep Your Product in the Centre

One of the most crucial aspects of Moment Marketing is to stay updated with the viral trends. It helps you to recreate the viral moments and this connectedness helps you to spot trends and stay upgraded with the important news.

While you may be already attuned to the growing trends on social media, you still might have to keep an eye out for those trends that can be utilized as a part of moment marketing for your brand.

Another thing that should be kept in mind while crafting a marketing strategy is to link it smartly back to your product. It will help to create brand awareness and accomplish the ultimate goal of improving sales and customers.

2. Incorporate Humor

Humor is the best way to put across your brand message on the internet and bring a smile to your customer`s face. Irrespective of the trends, brands that manage to capture viral trends with a funny jab on them are usually rewarded with high audience engagement, increased followers, or even paid media mentions.

Brands like Burger King, Amul, Zomato, and IKEA understand the power of humor and hence utilize it to take on current topics. If you are an entrepreneur with a small startup business, you can follow their page to realize that this approach works well for them.

3. Pop Culture All the Way

Can we ever forget the evergreen superhero movies or memes that have funny references from Gangs of Wasseypur? Pop culture references are the best way to grab your customers` attention. Your brand can create posts that have a feel of an inside joke using your brand`s voice while sharing your brand`s ethos and subtly building affinity without your target audience.

If you have a startup business, you can use this trend to increase your brand awareness on Social Media Platforms.

4. Maintain your Brand`s True Voice Without Being Pushy

Marketing strategies that appear effortless work like a breeze. There is a fine line between effortless moments marketing and marketing that appears to be a desperate attempt by a brand to look cool. Always ensure that your efforts don`t fall into the latter category by keeping your brand`s core values at the forefront of all your moment marketing activities.

5. Choose Trends Wisely

Not every customer is a potential customer. Similarly, not every trend is meant for your brand. Not every incident, or event needs to resonate with your brand`s personality. Neither should you try and insert your brand into every trending topic out there.

When a trend talks about controversial issues like politics, religious sentiments, wars, or any other sensitive issues, it is best to keep a distance as you would not want your brand to be associated with something which is remotely offensive. You can also watch video-based on Moment Marketing, here:

Moment marketing for brands is a fun way to engage with your customers. And while Ronaldo or Zomato may provide the push to set the marketing ball rolling, it is the quick, witty, and collaborative thinking that results in successful moment marketing. Try our helpful tips mentioned above while preparing a solid marketing campaign.

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