Summary: Startups are all about exploring new opportunities, balance, and satisfaction. Sometimes it is also about turning a weird idea into a reality.

Startups are all about exploring the roads less taken and coming up with solutions to the existing challenges that we are facing. It also means spotting new opportunities to find balance and adding value to human lives. However, it also means fulfilling the needs of your customers and giving them what they are looking for — a product or a service that can make their lives more fulfilling.

If you ask any business coach or a mentor, he or she will always suggest that when you are thinking about starting a new venture, it is best to introspect before you can ideate a startup. But this does not mean that you should not experiment or try new things. If you think that your new startup business idea is a little unusual for the market, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Here are five startups in India that are weird, bizarre, and fun! We hope they will inspire you to go all out with your startup business idea:

1. Eat Your Spoon & Forks

Love baking cakes in unusual cakes but lack the courage to start it as a business? Meet Narayana Peesapaty, who is the founder of Bakeys Foods Private Ltd. Based out of Hyderabad, his startup creates cutlery items that can be eaten. His edible range of cutlery items is made from millet, wheat, and rice making them a perfect alternative to plastic cutlery which is the major contributor to plastic pollution in the environment.

2. Now Get Your Prasad Online

Before the rise of the e-commerce business, seldom anyone would have thought that one can order Prasad online. In India, we all are so used to going to our permanent ‘Mithaiwala’ located at the corner of the street that ordering Prasad online might feel like sinning. However, it is true and possible with ‘Online Prasad.’

Online Prasad is a startup that offers home-deliver Prasad and other spiritual items, book travel, and lodgings for the avid traveler. Talk about using technology to bring people closer to spirituality. Do you have an idea but need guidance to start it from scratch? You can hire best business coach to gain in-depth knowledge about starting a business.

3. Parihug

A hug can do wonders and based upon this concept, Parihug came into existence. Started by a 19-year-old student from Cleveland, Ohio, Parihug offers you a teddy that hugs you back. It creates digitally connected teddy bears that can give people hugs from any distance. Two paired Parihug bears have sensors embedded within them so that loved ones can virtually hug each other across any distance!

4. Bags & Baggage

Many people migrate to other cities away from their hometowns for jobs, studies, etc. This makes setting up homes with essential household items such as beds, linens, stoves, utensils, etc. difficult for many people. To resolve this problem, Bengaluru-based Boriya Bistar offers all these basic and inevitable things in a ‘bundle’ package which can also be customized based on the quantity required for let’s say number of bed linens or bowls or washroom buckets, etc.

5. Pay Tribute to Deceased

A Gujarat-based startup is the online memorial portal for paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away. Users can create a memorial profile, and biography, set anniversary reminders, upload photos, and post condolence messages in multiple languages along with videos for their departed loved ones. You can also choose from one year or 5 years subscription for INR 999 and INR 3,999 respectively.

If you think that your startup idea may sound bizarre, you might want to THINK AGAIN! Beyond the media, glare, and rounds of seed funding exist a few startups that are completely unusual yet offer great opportunity and inspiration. All you need is a passion to follow your dreams!

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