New Delhi, November 25: Cold storage is a one-time business investment, where the initial investment required is on the higher side. However, the returns are higher and are on a long-term basis, as compared to other small businesses.

Also, it will become more popular and the demand will increase over the next few months as cold storages will be used to store vaccines.

There are certain big investments that need to be made if you want to start a cold storage business. Some of the food items that require cold storage are fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish products, meat.

  • Buying cooling machinery
  • Acquire the land and construct the storage facility
  • Get required licenses from the Government
  • Managing essential things like water, electricity, and other related materials
  • Hire equipped staff who will be able to handle the machine.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday held a meeting with chief ministers of all the states and Union Territories to review Covid-19 situation where he asked them to start working on cold storage facilities for coronavirus vaccine.Three billion people may be denied a COVID-19 vaccine when it's here because a number of countries don't have sufficient cold storage facilities, the Associated Press reported.