The Govt. of India initiative known as Start-up India is offering new businesses an incredible opportunity to learn the ways to establish, strengthen and grow their business. Its learning program is enabling thousands of startups to learn the skills to make their companies last for the long run in the highly-competitive market.

What is Start-up India Learning Program?

Start-up India, an initiative by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Govt. of India, provides a free online learning program for entrepreneurs. The motto of this initiative is to take start-ups of India to the next level with the help of structured learning.

Who initiated the program?

Start-up India scheme is an initiative by the Government of India that has been helping newly-started businesses to establish themselves in various ways. These include measures such as setting-up online portal and hubs to enable registration, grievance-handling, etc., and increasing the pace at which government procedures such as patent acquisition and registrations are done. The online portal of Start-up India has over 4 lakh users. Start-up India loan, another part of the initiative helps women entrepreneurs along with other underprivileged sections of the society such as SCs and STs with financing.

What does the program offer to aspirants?

The program consisting of 69 courses offers small and medium business enterprises with scope to boost their knowledge in a vast field of various business aspects such as technology, sales, security, management, and finance. It takes the learners on a journey of how the top 40+ founders of India started their businesses.

How can one register?

One can register for the 4-week training program by registering for it on the online platform of Startup India. The course aspirants have to fill a form asking for details such as name, email id, phone number, etc. along with the language they wish to pursue the program in.

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