Tech giant Google has introduced a new online programme to help business owners learn how to build an online presence, find more customers, sell online or work remotely. This is being done amid the coronavirus pandemic to help business that digital tools can provide a safety net for small businesses. The new 'Grow with Google' lessons that have been included in the programme can vary from two-minute tutorial videos to live workshops. It can range from beginner level to advanced, so every business can find what they need to become more prepared.

According to a report by IANS, the programme was announced after a report this week showed how a 'digital safety net' can serve as a support system for small businesses and helps to mitigate the negative business effects of COVID-19. A report by non-profit Connected Commerce Council in partnership with Google stated that practically all small businesses in the US were disrupted by the pandemic, facing reduced customer demand and hours of operations as well as employee layoffs. 85% of small businesses said COVID-19 made them rethink their approach to digital tools, allowing them to adapt.

The study further revealed that businesses that had a digital safety net in place and used a variety of digital tools -- like digital ads, digital payments, data analytics and customer insights tools -- felt better prepared. However, not all small- and medium-sized businesses have a digital safety net. The new 'Grow with Google' lessons are designed to serve the interest of these businesses.

Here's How ‘Grow With Google’ Will help SMBs:

  1. Google has introduced a new programme called 'Grow With Google' on the 'Google for Small Business website'. Click here for direct link.
  2. Grow with Google is partnering with SCORE, a network of volunteer, expert business mentors, and non-profit International Downtown Association (iDA) to complete a series of affordable and easily accessible Grow with Google workshops for 50,000 small businesses across the US.
  3. Business owners can find personalised Google product recommendations for their business, as well as helpful tips and practical guides to help small businesses get the most of these tools