Now and then we come across some influential industrialists talking about powerful leadership and how it can help an organization to scale and grow. A strong leader can keep his employees and teams highly motivated. But what exactly are the characteristics that make a person a strong leader? Is it an influential connection or a charismatic personality? Does having a high competitive spirit make a person a powerful leader that holds the key to an organization’s success?

Excellent leadership is a necessity for every company that wishes to grow and sustain for a longer time in the market. The ups and downs and the uncertainty of the business demand a strong vision and a compassionate heart that is quick enough to make decisions to navigate the rough waters.

There are many business coaches according to whom ‘effective leadership is also all about building up the people around you: empowering them, trusting them, and ultimately, enabling them to contribute their expertise so that the team can become more than the sum of its parts.’

So if you are thinking of taking the charge and leading your startup business in a direction where it thrives and make progress, here are five leadership skills that will help you and your team increase your company’s leadership quotient:

1. Set Clear Priorities

It is easy to get caught up in a new organization that is making continuous progress. But, one of the key roles of a leader of your company is to prioritize the important things. When you make everything important, it creates a sense of chaos amongst the employees as most of the time they feel that everything is urgent.

As a leader, you need to sort through all the distractions and make it crystal clear to the people you are working with what they need to focus on first and foremost. Learn how you can sort important tasks from Dr. Vivek Bindra in this video:

2. Empower Your Team

Good leaders are not just focused on their personal growth. They leverage the skills and brainpower of their team. They never micro-manage and instead give their team freedom and space to figure out the best way to accomplish goals and complete tasks.

To implement this in your company, you need to be more aware of the results you are aiming for. Managers often micro-manage because they have not taken the time to figure out the outcome of the process. A good leader starts with the outcome in their mind and then lets their people find the best way to achieve it.

3. Start Delegating Work

Delegation is no less than an art. As a powerful leader, you must have this critical skill to be effective and advance. Failing to delegate work to the right people will leave you engaged with operational tasks that will hinder your advancement. So focus on highly important and complex tasks. Then delegate starting with simple and unimportant and work your way up.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Great leaders often are good communicators. They have the soft skills to help others manage their way through strong emotional responses. They not just listen to what people say but also try to understand what has not been said through nonverbal and contextual signals.

5. Analytical Mind

Strong leaders also tend to demonstrate strong analytical skills. An analytical leader can take stock of a situation, consider possible paths and likely outcomes, and chart the course most likely to succeed. This skill set provides value no matter your role, and it becomes increasingly valuable the more authority a person has.

If you want to be a powerful leader, you can start cultivating this set of five skills. To gain in-depth knowledge about how to become a strong leader, you can attend India's most impactful leadership funnel program 2.0 by Dr. Vivek Bindra. To know more about this event, register here: