If you have a small startup business with 3 or 4 employees then the automation of business processes is a low priority. But if your business has more than 10 employees, then your company needs to consider a few must-have processes and take a hard look at which business processes can be automated.

Why every startup business needs a process?

When a business is small, there is less possibility of making mistakes. But when you think about scaling, some of the tasks that are repetitive and are done manually they need to be automated. Automation can improve efficiency. Business automation of a few processes can also reduce errors that come with business expansion. If you are confused, you can also take help from the best business coach in India Dr. Vivek Bindra to understand the concept in detail.

So what are some strategic ways to automate business processes? And which processes should be automated first? Well, we are going to answer all your queries.

But first things first!

What is business processes management and why your startup needs it?

Processes are the heart and soul of a successful business. Business process management is how you effectively manage all the processes. It impacts multiple teams and employees as all the activities in your company happen as processes. When you start taking processes seriously, a BPM becomes a tool that can help you achieve your business goals.

Business process management is a practice of managing all business processes that help to achieve an outcome. It is an ongoing activity that helps to identify key areas that need improvement.

Business process management works in multiple forms. Though some processes can be completely automated, others need human input for making decisions. Here are three types of business process management that every organization must have:

1. Human-centric BPM

As the name defines, this type of business process involves human inputs. The decisions are made by humans and most of the heavy task is performed by humans. The scope of the business automation process is limited here.

To help employees understand and manage the process easier, it offers a visual interface too. Since this process impacts employees directly, this process needs more attention as compared to others.

2. Document-centric BPM

A document-centric business process is built on the foundation of a particular document. The main agenda is to send the multiple approvers who are involved in the process and get it approved. The document-centric BPM helps to reduce the need for emailing documents back and forth and increases efficiency.

3. Integration-centric BPM

The integration-centric business process management is centered on the integration of different software systems. Its main focus is on creating a smooth flow of data between the networks and software tools.

Now, when you are well aware of business process management, which processes should be automated first? Here are 3 ways in which you can automate critical processes in your business:

a). Find Functional Areas of Operations- Though it may sound tempting to replace roles with artificial intelligence to save cost, that is not how automation works. Human intervention will remain imperative. So, identify functional areas in your business that may have opportunities for improvement. This may include accounts payable, sales teams, inventory management, customer service, and other areas of business operations. You can also get the guidance from an expert or the best business coach in India to help you find areas that needs to be automated.

b). Create Standard Operating Procedures- SOPs as popularly known is a document that explains the exact steps to carry out a certain task and complete the responsibilities within a role. And many business coaches advice to create SOPs by employees for their designated tasks. To work smoothly, a process needs to be clearly defined with steps and actions to take.

c). Identify Repetitive Task- identify tasks that are repetitive and exist within the roles of each department. This will help you to gain perspective in areas where you are most exposed to risks or operational deficiencies. Go through the SOPs that your employees have created. Spend the time to complete tasks according to SOPs to weed out the repetitive tasks.

A successful businessman needs an efficient team and organized business activities. If you need to reduce expenses and focus on your core business by making processes and introducing business automation.

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