Summary: To turn your small business into a large enterprise, you will need more people. Here are commonly suggested first hires for your business.

You created a product or a service. You started your business. You got your first 100 customers and your business started making a little money. Now it’s time to hire the right people to take your business to the next level. Most often entrepreneurs find themselves confused when it comes to deciding who those people should be. While some people take the right step and consult a business coach, others decide to figure it all out by themselves which often leads to a waste of time and money.

The people you hire today will benefit your business tomorrow. Though hiring people should depend on your business needs, any employee that you will hire needs to have a set of few qualities- flexibility, passion, and integrity. Hire people who have diverse experience and are capable of hand responsibilities until you expand further.

So, starting from the top, here are five roles you should fill immediately:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

CEO and COO are two of the most essential players who can provide a new direction to your startup. Where CEO is typically the brain of the company, and the COO is the heart of the company. The CEO controls the company’s direction, culture, and vision, whereas the COO focuses on the day-to-day operations that keep your business running.

Though the founders of the company assume these two operations, you can also hire externally for these positions. If you and your co-founder(s) already plan to take on these titles and responsibilities, hire the following seven positions next.

2. Product Manager

When it comes to products, a product manager will be your go-to person. From developing a product strategy to vision and development, he will work closely with the engineering and marketing teams to create and market your products. Hiring a person who can dedicatedly work towards building a great product or a service will allow you to start working on the business rather than in the business.

3. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & VP

It is very important to stay updated and upgraded with the latest technological development in the world. Hence, a team member who specializes in technology and development is crucial to your business’s success. Though you can hire a freelance front-end and back-end engineer, it is useful to have someone on the team who can take charge of this sector.

Having someone with the skills to decide what will work best for your business, as well as managing the integration and management of various systems is the key. You can also hire a business mentor to gain a different perspective and professional expertise.

4. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A crucial aspect of every business revolves around its customers. How customers view your product or service will decide whether they would like to invest their money in it. A Chief Marketing Officer will focus on your customers and build a brand image to promote your product in the market. Hiring an expert with excellent marketing and promotional skills is essential to ensure that your business reaches a wide audience.

5. Sales Manager

No business can thrive without sales and revenue. A sales manager will focus on generating new leads and bringing in money for your company. A startup or small business that masters sales first survives for a longer period. This is probably the hardest position to fill in, but it is worth the time and effort. Hire an amazing sales manager and then use the money they bring in to scale your business.

It’s smart to hire from the top and then expand your team as per your business requirement. Keep your company culture in mind when you are hiring for startup roles. Without filling these positions your company will lack direction and strong leadership.

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