New Delhi, November 23: In a bid to provide guidance and to mentor startups and entrepreneurs to grow, the Incubation and Enterprise Support Centre (IESC) of IIM Shillong has signed an MoU with FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO). Reports inform that the IESC chairperson Sanjeeb Kakoty and FLO national president Jahnabi Phookan signed the deal for their respective organisations on Saturday. The pact is signed with the mission to generate and disseminate knowledge in all aspects of management for sustainable development and to develop innovative leaders with strong ethical values.

Under the pact, entrepreneurs who are a critical stages of starting up a new business will get nurturing, instructive and supportive environment which would increase the chance for a startups to succeed. The mentorship would shorten the time and reduce the cost of establishing and growing its business, the IIM said in a statement issued here. The new pact between two very influential organizations is just the right boost at the right time particularly for women entrepreneurs of the region.

Talking about the importance of women, particularly those in the northeastern part of India, in safeguarding the rich culture and traditions of the people, Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty felt that women were also very much responsible for keeping alive the entrepreneurial nature and spirit emanating from the region. Speaking about the work of FLO, Phookan elaborated that FLO's vision under her presidency is to focus on ensuring sustainable practices and creating sustainable livelihoods for the economic empowerment of women towards becoming sufficient job creators than just mere job seekers.

IIM Shillong chairman Shishir Bajoria expressed confidence that this initiative could be a defining moment in impacting firstly the region and then beyond, in line with the responsibility bestowed on this premier institute of national importance in the region.