Mumbai, December 23: The coronavirus crisis has impacted all sectors across the world, but agriculture continues to be one of the most evergreen sectors. The best part is you can start your agriculture business with low, medium and large investments, depending on your budget.

You can start any agriculture-related business and earn a good income out of it. This sector has also witnessed huge changes thanks to technology which has improved efficiency. Earlier this sector used to depend much on the climate for its flourishment but with the introduction of technology and science, the agricultural business has also has witnessed huge development.

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On the occasion of Kisan Diwas 2020, we have listed 4 agriculture business ideas which you can start in 2021:

Mushroom Farming: Mushroom business is very profitable. It can be started with low investment and it requires less space also. Mushrooms today have become a popular ingredient that forms a part of different cuisines.

Fertilizer Distribution: This is another business which you can get into. Here, you have to plan and buy fertilizers from big cities and sell them to rural areas.

Dry Flower Business: This is another business, which you can start as dry flowers have been becoming extremely popular. Demand has increased for dried flowers over the past few years, as more people discover easy and fun DIY challenges.

Organic Vegetables: This is a profitable business as people have been increasingly purchasing organic vegetables because of health benefit.

We hope that these ideas come in handy if you are planning to invest in this sector in 2021.