DREAM BIG, ACT NOW - is the new motto for success in any start-up now. In the past few years, AI start-up numbers have tremendously increased. Now, many industries have adopted Artificial intelligence for better and security and other purposes.

So, every passing day we get closer towards an AI-first world, and it will be no wrong to say it's the right time to step into this world and make your mark on it. We all talk and say, in the future world will be run by AI and robots. We listed a few startups who are working hard to bring a great change in transformation in the Indian tech ecosystem.

The fight against Covid-19 is still going on and many companies from the world are leveraging the use of technologies in the best possible way

Ajna AI

Ajna is a Chennai- based founded in May 2020, AI start-up which aims to build SaaS products that deliver a vision-based video Analytics solution. This app currently provides solutions like crowd safety intelligence, automated queue management, and retail video analytics system. Tasks carried out by them are mask detection, social distancing, people counting, safety reporting, crowd density analysis, and risk prediction.

Their focus industry is the retail industry, where they try to solve problems like limited information about customers and their behaviour in-store and many more.


Founded in 2019, Mumbai - based start-up is the world's first AI video bot- assisted platform. This platform helps aspirants to learn from the interview experience of other experts in the field.

The main motive of the platform is to help college graduates understand the experience of a big organization's work. The start-up owners say the best way to know how to crack a certain interview when you know from the people who have cracked it. They provide 24*7 interview question- related queries through video-bots of mentors.


This Hyderabad based start-up has developed an AI-based drone for a monitoring solution for helping police and local bodies in their work. Their drones help in sending an accurate image to the ground station to keep track of the situation. To fight with the Covid-19, solve many purposes like surveillance on hot spots, unsecured locations, spraying of disinfectants by drones Supply, and delivery of essential medicines.


Another Hyderabad based tech start-up has developed a contactless and wireless thermal scanning device. The best part of this AI-enabled device helps in recording the temperature without any manual interference and is integrated with any healthcare platform.

BlueSemi can be handled by any Bluetooth/wireless device, ideally on a mobile app. We can call this new - age wireless technology helps in minimizing the exposure of healthcare workers by providing useful information at record speed.

Our country is among the top nations to have achieved millions of funding tech-based start-ups. Through their innovation, great minded strategy, and use of impactful use of technology made these startups stand out. We have mentioned just a few start-ups who work on AI-based, but there are many more on the list.