Mumbai, November 23: If you have some money in hand and have been thinking of starting a new business then there is one idea which is extremely profitable. You can think of getting a dealership of a gas agency.

Gas companies run dealership programs from time to time. You can do this business by taking a dealership. Gas companies need dealers in every city and village to expand the distribution network.

These three companies issue advertisements and notifications from time to time to find dealers. You have to apply for them. To apply, it is necessary to be a class 10th pass.

Starting a gas agency is not a difficult task, one just needs some money to start it. The price may vary according to your city, village. In addition to this, there should be enough space for the gas agency.

Indane is the biggest LPG cylinder provider in the country followed by HP and BP. It is a highly lucrative business because there is a huge demand for it and also, there is no need to market.

However, it is very important to remember that since it is a service industry, it is very difficult to please the customers, who keep on complaining about the long waiting hours and other problems.