Every person aims to become successful in life and for this to happen, one strives really hard all throughout. However, students, who are taking up their degrees and are planning to have a career in setting up their own business, can actually start with something small at first. This will help one to focus on what their goal should be and how they should be approaching their targets. Earning extra income with work from home jobs, freelance jobs are now in the trend. We often see students taking up part-time jobs for the sake of managing their own expenses.

Let us not forget that some of the popular and profitable businesses were launched by students: Microsoft, Dell, Apple. If you wish to supplement your income by doing business, you need to have a clear idea, a business plan, and a lot of patience and dedication. In this article, we will see some of the possible small businesses for students to earn money by doing part-time jobs or internships, that will help them start their savings and give them an idea to start, manage and grow their businesses in the future.

Start a YouTube Channel

Stating your own channel on YouTube can help you connect to more people in one go. If you are good at vlogging, this is the thing for you. Starting a YouTube channel needs a very little investment. All you need is a good camera, a good quality mic, and a decent background setup to record your videos. Students can use their smartphones, create the content which will be helpful for people, record and upload it.


If you love writing, don’t let that skill go waste! You can earn a great deal of money by the power of words. Blogging is one of the most successful ways to make money online. All you need is to focus and articulate your thoughts to come up with ideas that will meet the expectation of the clients. Blogging, which is creating content in text format, can help you mint money in just no time. Your flair for writing can really be an added advantage to you.

Become a Radio Jockey

If you are good at communication and love to talk a lot, this is the right option for you. Along with studies, students can take up being a radio announcer. Once you are known to people, this can be one of the best full-time career options too. Of course, you can initially start with a bit of it to get some additional money. But, this side job can make quite a fortune.

T-shirt Designing

Make your artwork famous by making its presence felt online. What you can really do is, try and take up a T-shirt designing business, initially by printing just a few t-shirts. This is one of the growing and popular businesses in recent times. People usually go in for fancy t-shirts with artwork on it. You can try your luck and design some really fancy and unique style that will appeal to your target audience.


If you are good at languages, both verbal and written, you can become a translator and help people in their businesses. Companies usually hire translators to understand the core and basics of a language that is little known to them. Interpreting written or spoken material into one or more other languages and ensuring that the meaning and context are maintained, can help an individual deliver efficiently to the clients and corporations.