The tourism sector in India is going to be the next growth driver but to achieve that, it needs to survive the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge to be one of the leading industries in the country. As the country battles the coronavirus pandemic, every sector that has been hit hard is limping back to normalcy after the government has eased the restrictions. At present, each vertical of the tourism industry is under deep stress and hopes to revive in the coming year.

The travel industry is booming with small tourism businesses now. So if you are planning to start a tourism business, the New Year is the best time! There you have it, now it’s time to get marketing, so don’t hold back. Here are 4 revenue-boosting tips for small businesses in tourism.

Expand the business beyond your website

People usually review a place when they wish to plan a travel. A thorough study is done of the location and what it offers. Online searches have become increasingly competitive, even amongst the big companies. One way to expand your business beyond your website is tie up with third party-platforms which provide an online marketplace for travel experiences. They can offer a lot of exposure, for small travel companies and demand a small commission.

Build a Discussion Platform on Social Media

Social media interaction is growing and you need to just talk about your website and promote it to people across groups.  People visiting your area will have plenty of questions that they need answered before they come. Create a discussion platform where people can come and discuss out places they want to visit. A great way to supercharge your tourism marketing is by creating a discussion platform around your Facebook page.

Create Awesome Destination Videos

Videos help a lot in spreading awareness. The world is moving into a digital era and is more inclined to video content more than just reading about things. Videos have a potential to convey a lot of information in very little time, so it’s a great way to showcase about what you can offer to your customers.

Generate interest about a destination with online quiz or a challenge

Challenges have become a well-loved internet sensation and attracts a lot of people at the same time. Promoting your business cannot get as easier as this one because people are far more likely to participate and share with their networks. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should create a fun challenge related to your niche.