A great idea, it takes a form of reality that can result in the “next amazing venture”. Anyone can have a big idea to start a startup business, but no market exists for just creative ideas. What separates wantrepreneurs from entrepreneurs is the ability to execute a vision.

Turning an idea into a tangible product or a service that can resolve customers` problems take a ton of effort. And the hardest part about running a startup business is to build it from the scratch. Meeting investors, raising funds, learning the ropes, and finding those first few customers is far from easy.

Success requires hard work, determination, and passion. So among many other millions of things that you are doing right now to take your startup business to next level, entering into entrepreneurship competitions could also be the perfect catalyst that you might need right now.

Many shows provide an excellent platform to startups and their founders where they can showcase their journey. Startup shows and competitions not only get small business startups ‘out of the building’ and provide them recognition, but they are also a great way to begin validating your business, products, and service.

Startup shows give a chance to young and fresh entrepreneurs to share their struggles, ideation, hard work, and endless efforts that go behind their products and services. Though it will take great efforts from the participating startups, the recognition and exposure that these shows will give the new ventures are enormous.

Apart from that, there are many other advantages startup businesses can gain by entering into competitions than the prize. We are sharing the best ones with you below:

1. A Chance to Meet Your Competitors

Participating in a competition can give you a larger picture of your business. It will force you to think and rethink critically about every aspect of your business. You will get an opportunity to know your industry, competitors, distinct challenges, and the market you are addressing. In order to compete, you will have to assess the competitive landscape, set your short-term and long-term goals, and define your value proposition.

Not all shows and their formats are created equally. There exist a wide variety of platforms that are tailor-made for specific industries, company stages, etc, and thus, every entrepreneur should do in-depth research before jumping in.

2. Helps You Find Your Perfect Pitch

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch! Talk to any entrepreneurs and they will tell you that they are always thinking about ways to pitch their startup business plan to investors and stakeholders. But telling your story, pitching your business idea, or selling your value proposition requires patience and practice. However, when you are competing against others, you will have to find what works and what doesn`t to be your best version.

Test your pitch on your friends, colleagues, family, or your teammates. Take their feedback, observe how they react, and don`t be afraid of rejections.

3. Startup Shows Help Your Optimize Unique Value Proposition

Competition forces you to think ‘out-of-the-box and get creative to stand above the rest. At times, you will have to put down your business on paper. Hence, practicing your written communication as well as your presentation skills is essential to build your unique identity as a brand to create an exceptional recall value.

This process can give immense benefit to your startup business regardless of how you perform in the competition or if you win it. If you are looking for an amazing show where you can provide the exposure to your startup business that it deserves, you can take part in The Bada Startup Show.

The Bada Startup Show is also a unique kind of show which is meant to provide an excellent platform to a small startup business. The major goal of the Bada Startup Show is to empower the Indian SMEs and MSMEs by showcasing their journeys on National Television and social media channels of Dr. Vivek Bindra, founder and CEO of Bada Business Private Ltd. He is also one of the best motivational speakers and leadership consultants in India.

The Bada Show will give a golden chance to startups across India to showcase their entrepreneurial journey and get their story covered by celebrity anchors. Not only this show will be a huge platform to reach a wider audience at no cost, but will also give global recognition as Dr. Vivek Bindra`s YouTube channel has 17+ subscribers.

It is important to understand that entering into any competition requires endless efforts and determination with no guaranteed returns. However, learning is great! And experience is valuable. There is much more to gain by entering into competitions than the prize.

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